the good oil

This is a bit retrospect, but it’s the first post, and this is probably the most worthy-of-being-blogged food preparation I’ve done for a while.. (consuming = different story!) so I’ll start with this.

For the past 4 years I have been hoarding my empty 500ml olive oil bottles. they have been beautifully slender, square dark green ones – brands I have been loyal to, yes, for their superior tasting oil, but, I will admit, also for their covetable bottles.

this has caused some grief for T who cares not for pretty bottles or hoarding. despite my insisting that I was going to Make Spiced Oil For Christmas, the silly season sillied it’s way past oil-less until this Christmas… when just before leaving for the migration south (family + relief from wet [= HOT] season in the tropics) I finally Made Spiced Oil!

SPICED OIL (less recipe than general idea)

cold pressed virgin olive oil (I bought 3 ltrs)

bottles in corresponding numbers to oil quantity (I filled 6 x 500ml = 3 ltrs)

garlic cloves (one large clove in each bottle was about right)

your favourite whole spices (I used FENUGREEK, CUMIN, NIGELLA SEEDS, MUSTARD SEEDS, FENNEL, CARAWAY) approx 4 tblsp spice mix per bottle

wash bottles well, dry, place in a hot (180 degrees celcius) oven to sterilise for 10-15 minutes (take plastic pour thingies out of the top) turn off oven and leave to cool – don’t touch! dry toast spices, divide and pour spices (I miraculously found my little funnel in the drawer) into cooled bottles, chuck in a peeled, raw garlic clove (a clean and blemish free chilli could go in now too), pour the olive oil into the bottles (hello funnel!). spend several hours playing around coming up with cute label designs… and voila! Spiced Oil For Christmas! presents: sorted.
wait a week or two for flavours to develop, it’s great for salad dressing, bread dipping, marinating, bbq-ing…



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