The Wet

it’s rainy season (“The Wet”) here in the dry tropics, and boy is it raining! but it’s also 100% humidity, and 28 degrees C today (that’s 82.4 F for all you non-metrics).. yuck!

for those who venture outside, mere mortal umbrellas are no match for these torrential downpours. everything and everyone is soaked. hiding inside, the rain even manages to get into almost-shut louvres, defying gravity and somehow flinging itself upwards and inwards.

there are mushrooms popping up all over the place (not to mention an unbeatable plague of mould creeping in the door and window frames. resolve to attack once wet is over), this little colony arrived in the last two days underneath the letterbox. cute! I wonder if they’re edible?

it’s so wet and depressing. what’s a girl to do?

MAKE BROWNIES! mmmm.. brownies.

I’ve never made brownies before, so some research was in order. after some trolling, I found Johanna, the Passionate Cook, has an awesome looking Banana, Chocolate and Pecan Brownie on her site. I am very bad at following recipes exactly, or quoting them. I probably should have followed Johanna’s recipe, but, nah, I just chucked everything in together, liberally making it up as I went! except I added mashed banana, a la Johanna. so: no recipe on this one yet! if you want one, please visit the Passsionate Cook.. but roughly:

250g butter (awesome organic butter I had to resist eating, thank god I had no bread in the house, or the brownies would have been abandoned altogether)

Johanna’s recipe had 200g chocolate. I used 300 melted with the butter, + another 100 roughly chopped (= smashed, still wrapped, with the back of a cleaver.sooo satisfying) and added as ‘choc chips’ (hey, better not to have a block of cooking chocolate lying around unused for months in the fridge)

3 eggs, whipped well, with ummm.. some brown sugar. 100-200g? I didn’t measure. sorry.

1 ripe banana. mashed. awesome addition, adds sweetness without being too sugary, plus moistness and texture.

mixed all of the above together, (exept the ‘choc chips’ ), added some self-raising flour (100-200g), folded in the chipped chocholate now + some chopped almonds.

baked for 30mins at around 190 degrees C. I cut it into 15 LARGE squares.

served warmed (in the microwave), with vanilla icecream and a DVD.

am taking the rest to work, too dangerous in the house.



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