A weekend in Sydney; Japanese and beer

spent the first of what will be many weekends in Sydney, now that Tom is back down there, but I am still up here!

sooo.. we ate. lunch: twice at Tokyo Ramen in Hornsby (their website is in Nihon-go, which I took – and failed! – at uni last year, so obviously I can’t translate for you!) Tokyo Ramen do awesome ramen. yep. also katsu don, gyoza and other tasty tasty things. it’s long and narrow, and always busy. everything comes out quick-as, and I just love it.


we also went to Redoak Beer Cafe on Clarence Street for dinner (ok. beer) for Tom’s birthday. I ate the Twice Cooked Duck on Sesame Noodles, Tom had Redoaks Spice Cured Ocean Trout, Bob ordered Brick Pastry Wrapped Jewfish (what’s brick pastry? well, it came with a little 5cmx5cm cube/brick of pastry on top. maybe that’s what brick pastry is?) anyway, there were 15 of us, so I won’t go any further with the descriptions, and the photos aren’t swell either, but I can recommend it as a social venue..

although there was an Australia v England cricket game on, and even though the restaurant section was less then 1/2 full all night, they put us right at the front, which is pretty much next to the bar. it was friday night, there was loud ‘bar music’, and cheering Britons to shout over. the back of the eating section was much much quieter, and empty when we arrived and for the rest of the night, so that would be the only complaint – plus, we would have been able to sit at a long table, rather then be split onto two.. but, enough quibbling, because: BEER! they brew! they know their stuff! it’s yummy and fun, and I love that the staff make sure you have a huge water glass, which they constantly re-fill. that is such a good policy.


then, more Japanese. Bob organised dinner at Sushi Samurai in Neutral Bay (who also seem to have ventures in Pyrmont and Darlinghurst – on business card, couldnt find a website). Bob has unbelieveable taste, and Sushi Samurai rocked. the set meals are sooo very worth getting, 6 of us ate far too much food, ordering both sets and assorted entrees and mains, and ended up being approx $25 pp! Bob’s tofu/seeweed salad, Ben’s pork belly, Andy’s sushimi salad.. ok, I’ll just say it was all great, otherwise I’m going to just list everything, and this post will be way too long. HIGHLY RECCOMMEND! and the staff are sooo cute and friendly – upon entering and exiting, you get a chorus of “Irashimase! Welcome!” and “Arigato gozaimasu! thank you very much!” from every staff member in sight.


oh. and the ice-cream (your choice of lychee, green tea or black sesame, all good) comes with Savoy Cake (dense sponge roll sort of thing) and nestled on a bed of…. cornflakes. which really works. hello, next dinner party trick!
YUM! I’m can’t wait to go back to Sydney to eat see Tom! xxx


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