Paaah-paaah! (pie-pie)

Inspired by the new blog event started recently by some great and inpirational foodbloggers over there in the northern hemisphere, ‘waiter, there’s something in my…” this month being “waiter, there’s something in my.. PIE” and by miss Sascha, who requested for her birthday a few months ago “paaah-paaah” and got me working, here is:

Beef, Aubergine and Fetta Pies

(12 x Texan muffin size)

diced beef (we trimmed and diced just under 1kg of steaks),

chopped garlic (5 cloves) and onions (2)

1/2 a small-ish pumpkin, peeled and cubed

cubed aubergine (I used 2 large finger aubergines)

2 blocks low fat, firm style fetta

olive oil, nutmeg, fresh thyme, tomato paste, cracked black pepper, a splosh of red wine, some peas or any other veges really..

puff pastry, yep, conveniently frozen & pre-rolled: 12 sheets makes… 12 pies!

the assembly: brown beef, add onions and garlic, spices, well.. everything except fetta really.. stew a little (or more if less tender meat), adding a bit of water, until nicely thickened. add fetta. now.. to fit JUMBO or TEXAN muffin trays: trim off approx 4cm strips from 2 adjacent (not opposite!) sides of each pastry sheet. fit the trimmed squares into the muffin holes, fill with vaguely cooled beef mixture, then with the left over strips, halve to weave cute pie tops. wash with milk or egg and bake pies on a med heat – 180 c -ish, for about .. eerrrr.. 40 mins? not too hot or the pastry will burn but not cook… sweet!


pies.JPG plated.JPG




8 thoughts on “Paaah-paaah! (pie-pie)

  1. OMG, those look just wonderful – kind of like wonton-meets-pie! In my book, anything containing pastry and feta is already a winner, so these get my vote 🙂 And I love the liberal use of “erm”, “-ish” and “splosh” in the recipe – technical terms one and all =)

    Thanks for a delicious WTSIM contribution and hope to see you again next month.

  2. thanks for the comments, everyone, my ADSL2 is down (company gone bust), so I’m on dial up for a few weeks! yikes!

    I’ll be checking out all the other pies, plus puku will be back up and happening soon I hope!

  3. Hi Zoe – I’m in England (Thetford in Norfolk) with Alan Sue Judd (friends from NZ who’ve been living here for the past 15yrs) Love ya blog babe – will be back around Stus Birthday (Son) August 13th into Melbourne for a couple of weeks B4 heading back to NZ. Love to hear from you if you feel so disposed – Love Mike

  4. OMG zoe, i remember these so well. They were so good. We must do them again!

    I should stop looking through your website when i am so hungry.

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