out to sea

wow, March has marched on past already. and what have I got to say for myself for my dismal blogging efforts? well…. um, there’s no internet connection when you’re sailing around the Whitsunday Islands?

compound that with a trip to hospital when I couldn’t pop my dislocated knee back in myself (I usually can, no problems) and resulting week in a brace, my ADSL2 ISP’s early demise (I’m still on dial up. do you feel my pain?) and a rather heavy workload up until the sailing trip.. there’s just not enough time! and I could have squeezed in a single March blog on the weekend, but everyone was up to seeTom became Dr. Tom offically! horray!

so.. 5 people eating on a boat. for a week. no shops. so we can’t run out of anything. including water. or chocolate, of course. but you don’t want to go hungry.. in the end, we ate really well, with everyone chipping in with meals plus cleaning the (really well equipped) galley.. highlights included Caroline’s always awesome soba noodle salad (which I will get around to re-creating here soon), BBQ’s on the deck, and the crackers, vege sticks, cheeses and dips with wine/beer/g&t as the sun set each evening!

miraculously, we did really well with quantities of food, despite shopping with no plan, we could have done better with eating our perishables early (we lost some chicken and cold sliced meats) and getting the hang of the fridge (temperamental) and I think a plan would have helped, but our final night ‘baked roll ups’ – mountain bread filled with .. er.. pretty much everything we had left! 3 cheezes, olives, veges etc.. was a good example of limited-kitchen improvisation.

unfortunately; no fresh fish! 6 days and not a single bite! we had the lure behind the boat when sailing along or the line out whenever we weren’t in protected zones.. but no fish dinners. we did see plenty of fish snorkelling, and some interested dudes hanging around under the boat and dinghy now and then.. Tom was most dissapointed in us 🙂

all in all… so worth it! Whitehaven Beach (the really pretty pic below) has to be one of the most beautiful spots in the world, with the purest silica sand (great for exfoliation!) if you get a chance to go, DO IT! we all kicked ourselves for having living only a few hours away for several years now, and not going more often. and there’s us enjoying a coffee and cake break.

so, back to the cooking soon, promise!



2 thoughts on “out to sea

  1. mmmm, what an absolute dream it was… (k, the photos are now on their way!)… zo, I think memorable mention should really go to your wonderful feta artichoke pasta, and tasty wraps at lunch for the hungry crew! (insert periods of contented silence). I’d also forgotten, despite cooking with it all the time, how good fresh spring onion can be chopped on salads etc.
    note for our next voyage: tomatoes probably would fare better in the fridge after all :p

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