In Sydney this week, and it was Ben’s birthday, so we had an Iron Chef Party, with the secret ingredient being CARROTS.

here are Chefs Lockman and Kath’s carrot and parsnip fritters with rocket and persian fetta (oh god, so seriously, seriously good)


below: Chef Zoe (another Zoe)’s Carrot and Ginger Soup w crusty bread, Bob waiting patiently for Chef Kath to construct more of her morish morsels (they were eaten as qucikly as she could make them by a small kitchen crowd), Chef Ben’s carrot jelly (a sort of liquid carrot halva, a milk based jelly)


here, Chef Timtim’s dahl and carrot philo parcels, with yoghurt sauce;


Chef Zoe (me!) passing around potato and carrot gratin squares with prawns;


and here’s the spiced carrot and fetta dip I made;



boil carrots until soft (I was going to roast them, but couldn’t be bothered), toast a handful of pinenuts along with some whole spices of choice (cumin, carraway, mustard seed, nigella seeds.. whatever your favourites are), then blend everything together, along with some olive oil and pepper in a blender or with a bamix.

stir through crumbled fetta (it’s why you don’t need salt) and chill until ready to eat – dip with toasted bread.

Also on the menu were Chefs Andy and Bob’s carrot cake, crackers, a flavoured fresh cheese, carrot sticks and dip, there was also another carrot cake, Chef Caz’s chickpea and carrot curry, some carrot icecream (mine) that didn’t set in time, and plenty of beer and wine consumed by all.

happy birthday Ben!


5 thoughts on “Iron Chef Party: CARROT CHALLENGE

  1. Heh,
    i made your carrot dip for the eurovision party, did not turn out as yellow, as on the pic, but still great taste!
    Everybody loved it!

  2. Rob, I know, we were very chef-y..

    Kiki, I’m so glad you had a Eurovision party too! I have now posted on what we ate… xxx

  3. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

    the other night the challenge was with carrots
    and they made a carrot juice caviar, i have looked
    and looked and can not findout how to make it
    i know u juice the vegtables and then drop in some kind of
    water ( i think) but, as far as what is in the water i do not know
    and can not find anyone who does
    i would love to use this on my new year eve menu
    can u plese explain
    thank u so much

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