Cairns – some quick foody things

In Cairns for the week, doing a uni block course before leaving the North for Sydney.

pretty busy, but just quickly: Cairns is a good place to eat.. here is the yummy chicken & garlic yoghurt pizza I had the other night, and the fruit and veg I got up at 6am to get from Rusty’s Markets before heading out to uni on Sunday morning. so fresh! and how cute is the baby bok choi?

I will have to cook something – well, something more exciting than the stir-fry I ate last night and for lunch again today – so I can post it.. xxx



2 thoughts on “Cairns – some quick foody things

  1. yeah.. remember the pizza place just off the esplanade that we had the kangaroo and caramelised onion pizza at? it’s now some sort of curry house. dissapointing! this one was v tasty tho. xxx

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