The Greens + The Coffee

I know I said I was going to make something exciting with my market buys, but hey, I’m a busy girl. I got home from uni starving yesterday, so made myself this little snackeral…

steamed bok choi and choi sum with snow peas, with a sprinkling of soy sauce. A piece of bready stuff with pesto, fetta and tomatoes (from Rusty’s) and off-screen is a bowl of miso (a paste sachet from the asian grocers two doors down from the backpackers).


and another thing: Carins doesn’t drink coffee. OK, they do, but nowhere near the volume Townsville does – and I am talking about volume.. I’ve been asking for large coffees all week and getting 8oz takeaway cups everywhere. WTF? that’s not going to get me through the belly morning!! I finally found somewhere that has 16oz takeaway cups, plus makes decent coffee to boot. Horray! here’s coffee directly fueling my work at 7am yesterday.


we’ve just now finished the coursework side of my uni course, which has been really interesting and fun. leaving C-town for Sydney tomorrow.

see you there!


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