farewell, FNQ!

I left the north ‘for good’ yesterday, saying farewell to sunny Cairns after another wander around Rusty’s Markets (I only took photos; they’ve really cracked down on carrying fruit interstate it seems) and some last minute shopping for Cowboys supporter’s gear. flying down, I enjoyed the sun right until we dove through the clouds to a bleak and dark 5pm Sydney, and then it really sunk in.

we’re not in the tropics anymore, Toto. no more thongs/jandals. no more complaining about how cold it is, because it’s dropped to 18 degrees c. and we’ve had to wear a cardigan and closed in shoes. this is it – the real deal cold.

so here are some of my ‘gatherings’ from Rusty’s, a reminder of the black sapotes, longans, pineapples, dragonfruit, bananas, mangoes and lychees, fresh herbs and asian greens we’ve taken for granted for the past 4.5 years. not to mention the perfect blue-sky-sunny May – August days… I’ll miss it all so much!



herbs.jpg vegepallets1.jpg greens-stall.jpg



One thought on “farewell, FNQ!

  1. I wanna cry, its truth its the cold, which we do not realize, till we have it!!
    I am sitting here in Germany, in the mid of summer, its 15 degrees and rainy! What a shit! I miss the QLD, too.

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