duck and coffee

we ate duck, then went to the rocks coffee festival (not all at once!).



it was good. so good, in fact, that all I have to show for the duck is the remains. this was also because we went for Joelle’s birthday, with a bunch of her friends, and I didn’t want whip out my camera and tripod at the dinner table and start snapping away when I’d only just met the people.. it is kinda weird behaviour, especially in front of strangers, right? do you sometimes feel a bit sheepish taking photos of your food?

the coffee festival was also gooood, BUT: it’s bloody crowded, and there are looong lines (check out the photos on the site – linked above). to add to this insult, they were handing out free pastries to the line next to ours, but we were already committed… we only made it through one 10 min line, and then in rained a bit and we were the only people in the WHOLE OF THE ROCKS without unbrellas (or babies for that matter).. we decided to cut our losses and go to a real cafe. next year: having a coffee before we go, and, ummm, going with my patient brain?


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