IMD III – challenge yourself!

many may not be aware, but August is the International Month of Domination. why? and how? well… we’re not too sure. 3 years ago Dr Tom (who was just plain Tom back then) decided that August would be the month in which to challenge oneself, to set some goals and work one’s little everything off to achieve them, if just for one month. the month to DOMINATE ! (click for more details). IMD is now a growing phenomenon, and an institution amongst our crazy group of friends. and yes, that is the team Dominator singlet.

in the past I have fobbed off IMD, claiming that working 60-80+ hours a week at full time university and a nearly full time public service job was quite enough domination, thank you very much, and I’m quite dominant the rest of the year, if you must know.

but, I have come to realise that even the super-busy can benefit from IMD, even if your goal is to dominate your schedule and take a bit more time for yourself… plus, well, I’m not that busy just now!

so my IMD challenges are as follows:

  • at least 30 mins exercise every single day. got to get ready for knee surgery in september
  • meet the neighbours. T, B & I will host a ‘hello, neighbours’ drinks, w some snacks, of course. meeting your neighbours is good.
  • things I never cook, b/c they always seemed to hard/finnicky, but I’m going to try:
    – croissants
    – bagels
    – creme brulee (I’ve had a blow torch for 3 years. time to use it!)
  • blogging on the puku about the above, + more, more frequently, all IMD. not daily, but more frequently.
  • sending my project proposal off to prospective honours supervisors, and hopefully getting a positive response, by the end of IMD.

my cooking challenges are among so many of the recipes and dishes I keep putting off trying, because despite my very appropriate name, I am not much of a baker – I don’t follow recipes very fastidiously, and it’s so much easier to do something you know how to do, than try something different!

so, Puku readers, I challenge you to challenge yourself this month. Join the IMD movement and come up with something or somethings you want to dominate, and go for it. comment your IMD goals, and I will do a round up at the end of the month, with all our IMD achievements. head points and shouts of “come on!!” optional.


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