mmmm.. sushi

avocado-sushi.jpg sushi-plate-towers.jpg

mmm.. I just love sushi. and I just love love love sushi that is 5 mins walk up the road! the Rayners + Baker (me) went to Sushi Fusion on Saturday, where we consumed a ridiculous amount of sushi and a bit of red wine and beer. we then rolled back down the road for fresh scones with jam and double creme, and the final time trial of the Tour (go, Cadel!).

for us down this end of the globe, The Tour means staying up to 2-3am every night for three weeks. really, we work just as hard as the riders… so we are all still recovering proper sleep patterns a week after the tour ended. we are still all bright awake at 12, feeling an odd sense of *waiting for something*. anway, it’s a very social time, we watched with the whole gang, taking turns to host in our small apartments; make dessert, tea, coffee and chocolates, and providing heaters, blankets and pillows for the occasional nap. thank god it’s over for another year!

and yes, that is 32 sushi plates in one sitting. there was 5 of us!!


3 thoughts on “mmmm.. sushi

  1. How excellent is Sushi, best thing is, no waiting (except to be seated sometimes) 32 plates is a superb effort!

  2. yeah, good easily available sushi is the best. kiki, you should totally open a kickass sushi train chain in Europe, you’ll make megabucks!!

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