a few of my favourite things..

for the first time since, like, ever, I am eating lunch at home nearly every day. it is such a rare treat – you can make anything. no planning ahead and carrying containers of this and that to work. I have to say, I think I am pretty adept at cooking from minimal ingredients, using only a urn heater, microwave and toasted sandwich maker. but here’s what I’ve been delighting in, pottering about at home…

mashed potatoes. serious comfort food, and it has been cold here! I like my mash super mashed and smooth, and pretty simple. potatoes, salt, pepper, a splosh of milk (soy for me) and if feeling bad, a nob of butter. here’s lunch mash, with pepper, goats fetta and a drizzle of olive oil. a handful of parsley would have been lovely mashed through too.


and here is another fav comfort foods – well a food combo actually. My Aunt Kim makes a pasta with these ingredients (give or take!). it is still one of my favourite combos, and so easy and fresh.. here it is, without the pasta:

Cauliflower and broccoli florets, courgette, pinenuts, garlic, salt, pepper, capers, olive oil, squeeze of lemon juice and some crumbled fetta (this was a Greek goats fetta from the deli). sooo tasty! try it with pasta, or without, or with grilled steak, fish or chicken. or just make a batch like this and eat it all. enjoy!



One thought on “a few of my favourite things..

  1. that pasta sounds delicious! my mum makes something similar to that in large portions so we can all munch on it for days. how dreamy to be able to have a lunch at home! 🙂

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