bastardised Kedgeree

Just to emphasise, this is *not* Kedgeree. I call it Kedgeree, and it’s based loosely on my memory of first making and eating Kedgeree, at 11 or 12 years of age, as taught by my Intermediate School Home Economics Teacher, (I think it was Mrs Chandra, but that may have been the sewing teacher, it was a really long time ago!).

I have no idea if this bears much resemblance to Mrs Chandra’s recipe, except that I do remember her’s had boiled egg in it, and I rarely bother (if I had kept them, I could have looked back at my school book and checked what else she prescribed, but I don’t think I did, besides, they would be in Kaitaia, and I’m not sure it’s worth going all that way to check a recipe). It has evolved since then into an extremely comforting, warm and delicious way to use up leftover rice. I sometimes crave it. I really shouldn’t call it Kedgeree…


NOT Kedgeree

finely sliced/diced onion, garlic

finely sliced/diced celery, cauliflower, carrot, corgette, broccoli or whatever veges at hand

cold, leftover rice (you could most certainly use freshly made, I’m sure, but cold does give excellent separated grains)

dry curry powder (yep, like Keens. the yellowest, most British generic curry powder. this is the only thing I ever use that curry powder for, but it makes the cupboard look homely)

some ginger (fresh), salt, pepper, lemon (fresh!), coriander, parsley

fish. traditionally this should be something smoked, dry, flakey.. haddock or hot smoked trout or something chunky and flavoursome. NOT thin cold smoked salmon (gravalax style). honestly, I most often use tinned tuna. plain, chunk style tuna in olive oil.

fry off the onion, garlic, grated ginger, celery and/or whatever other veges you have, then chuck in curry powder to taste – I coat the veges in a good powdering. you can be a bit more upmarket and add panch phora, fennel seeds, nigella seeds, anything tasty. toss through rice, herbs, then when cooked through, turn off heat and stir though the fish, (and hard boiled eggs if you’ve bothered), serve with lemon wedges (for squeezing juice on top)… and a dollop of mayonnaise.


just an aside: if you’re not going to eat the best whole egg mayonnaise you can buy or make, do not eat so called “mayonnaise”. fat free “mayonnaise” is chemicals and water, held together with preservatives. wouldn’t it be better to only eat real mayonnaise, only occasionally?? don’t mean to be preachy, but this is MY blog… 😉

don’t you make a bastardised something, that you still call the original something? share!


4 thoughts on “bastardised Kedgeree

  1. I think I am gonna cook your bastardised Kedgeree this weekend, looks yummi!
    I could not yet think of any modified original, I am cooking! All my dishes are not originals anyway, but let me think…..
    Greeting from winecountry Rheingau!

  2. Hi Kiki, hope you enjoy it! I think I made this for you before in Townsville.. are you watching the athletics in Osaka? we are still suffering Tour Du France withdrawals, so athletics is going well.. there are some good German pole-vaulters at the moment… xxxx

  3. Hello,

    I am planning on making Kedgeree soon hence having arrived at this page. Thank you ever so much for making me laugh today, I find the title of this recipe hilarious. My work colleagues have no idea what i am laughing at. The recipe sounds and looks superb and the name? Please don’t change it.

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