snow pea, tomato, avocado & fetta salad

150×150whblogging15.jpgIt’s the weekend! I’m cooking, with herbs! is it Weekend Herb Blogging? this weekend WHB is being hosted by the Kalyn, the WHB Grand Mistress herself. check out where it all began, plus see one of the reasons food blogging is so much fun… a big, warm community.

this salad is soooo yummy. the vege stall had a giant bag of baby snow peas on sale, so I grabbed them and some lush ripe tomatoes and some Bulgarian fetta, after a big workout at the gym, since I couldn’t face anything too heavy after being so good and doing a long cardio session. Benwah got home from his 35km run just before me, so we had this and were both very healthy. don’t worry, we pigged out on sushi later in the night!

snow pea, tomato, avocado & fetta salad

in your salad bowl: crushed garlic, a wee slurp of yummy olive oil, a squeeze of lemon (1/2 – 1 lemons worth), a few chopped capers, freshly ground pepper and salt. stir well.

add: a few good handfuls of snow peas, some chopped/torn flat parsley, lush, ripe and flovourful tomatoes, chopped, cubes of lush avocado (I love hass, but whatever rocks your boat/is available of course!), cubes of tasty fetta (or feta if you’re lucky). *toss *carefully*. serve.


snow peas: legume, like “normal” green peas, but with a thin, crispy crunchy sweet edible pod – they are also known as mange tout – French for “eat it all”. awesome raw or very lightly cooked – 1 or 2 mins max, snow peas (like most veges) are best not overcooked – they loose their vivid green colour and sweet flavour, and go limp and soggy, where’s the fun in that? they’re delicious quickly added at the end of a stir fry with good pals garlic, ginger, sesame oil and some tender protein.

I’m not adding any links, because the ones I found were mostly kinda boring, and snow peas are not exotic at all in Australia, so maybe you already know about them too. If you don’t, I recommend some research and/or keeping an eye out for them – they’re Chinese in origin, so maybe an Asian Grocer is a good place to start if they’re not readily available (if you have one of those, that is!). Apparently they’re also super easy to grow too.. so no excuses! enjoy some crispy sweet snow peas today!


4 thoughts on “snow pea, tomato, avocado & fetta salad

  1. What a great idea to add the snow peas. Every thing about the combination sounds fantastic! And you are so right about Weekend Herb Blogging being a big, warm community. Isn’t it just so nice to see all the recipes from all over the world.

  2. Excellent recovery food, I really struggle to get the fluids in after a very long run and salads and crisp veg have lots of hydrating goodness in them, and so so tasty. I reckon this would also go well as a green bean salad if you couldn’t get snow peas.

    Thanks for the Salad Zoe.

  3. You are so right Benwah, I just wanted to say, I did the same last week as a green bean salad with peeled tomatos! Excellent!

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