Risotto (is really hard to photograph!)

Risotto is:

warm. tasty. not as difficult to make as many people believe. not as time-consuming as it seems/has a reputation for. quite therapeutic to make, stirring and adding stock, stirring and adding stock. very versatile – any ingredient combo will work! easily re-heated the next day for lunch after the gym. probably better for us made from basmati, but works a hellava lot better with arborio. good as risotto cakes/balls the next day. better with some parmigiana curls on top. homely and comforting.

bloody hard to photograph.

it all just looks like a lump of sludgy rice. ah… which I guess is kinda what it is.


Spinach and Bacon Risotto

fry off chopped bacon, add garlic, onion till soft-ish. put stock of choice (about twice the quantity of rice used) on to boil in another pot. add arborio rice to bacon etc, stir till coated and changing colour/becoming translucent. add a ladle or two of hot stock, stirring gently, until liquid has been absorbed. repeat, until rice is al dente (approx 20 mins). if you run out of stock, start using hot water. turn off heat, add chopped spinach, stir through. add optional cheeses, cream, any other tasty additions. season with salt and pepper. spend 15 mins trying to get a good photo of your lump of sludge. give up and eat!

would also be great with added: chicken, mushroom, pumpkin, snow peas etc. I think risotto does need chunks of something to give a sensation of chew-ability, which this version lacked, but – that was all we had in the fridge. we didn’t even have parigiana! you feel sorry for me now, don’t you?


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