Lentil Soup

it may be spring, but it’s still cold. well, cold for this recently-ex-‘Queenslander’ anyway. I love lentils. don’t tell Mama, I think I spent many years telling her how much I hated them, but then again I also turned my nose up at the product of her waist-high coriander patch, and at mushrooms, aubergine, and some other then-icky things I now love.

Lentil soup is just the epitome of comforting warmth, the lentils impart soft grainy body and an earthy goodness. and it’s super easy!


Brown onions and garlic in a large pot or stockpot with olive oil, or not, if you like. add a touch of whole spices such as fennel seeds, cumin seeds, panch phora (my favourite spice mix) etc, then add chopped ‘hard’ veges – potatoes, carrots, pumpkin or whatever, some brown lentils, and then water or stock. leave on a low-ish heat for 20mins or so, then add ‘soft’ veges – like courgettes, heaps of chopped parsley (including stalks), any other quicker cooking veges. they’ll be ready in a couple of minutes, then check seasoning, I never add salt until the end – apparently it slows the pulse cooking time.. can anyone verify that?

anyway, it’s warm and delicious. perfect for crisp days, when you need a warm bowl of something to fill your belly. yum!



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