the puku is in nz

I’m in my birthland Aotearoa, visiting the whanau. just a quick 10 day visit, I am actually flying back to Oz first thing tomorrow, so it’s my on last day that I get internets again. not because nz has no internets, just because I have been driving all over the north island visiting family and hotpooling and touristing and, um, eating.

so when I am back in sydney I will start posting some food things in earnest, but in the meantime, to whet your appetites, here are some crunchy kumura chips, from a mountain top cafe, which you can also buy frozen, in any supermarket.



2 thoughts on “the puku is in nz

  1. why yes, Aria, frites, but made with nz sweet potato aka kumara, quite possibly one of the most wonderful foodstuffs ever! more kiwi-centric foodthings coming, too..

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