slightly less appetising

folks, I know I promised a very good write up of the yummy kiwi things I ate, but I have a very good excuse why nothing has shown up here yet. for those who do not keep up with the goings on in the t+z sphere, I’m sure you will be shocked to hear that I painfully twisted and dislocated my knee (due for reconstruction in a mere 2 weeks time) and may well have caused some additional damage, possibly to the remaining major ligament, resulting in an ambulance ride to emergency, and spending most of this week in hospital.

I can hear your collective gasps and cringes, and I immediately must address your utmost concerns for my wellbeing as you commiserate “oh my dear, poor you! the food must have been awful!

yes, it was, well, not great. but it wasn’t horrible. apart from a truly awful beef soup one night, which I spent the rest of the night bringing back up (probably for unrelated reasons), the food was ok, and the shepard’s pie was actually quite good, although it happened to be the first thing I was really up to eating after 2 days, so that may have clouded my judgment a little. but, overall, not too bad at H’otel Prince of Wales, although the ambiance was a little stark, and some of the other patrons did not behave themselves.


here we have: chicken noodle soup; roast beef with ‘Italian vegetables’ (kind of a rattatoulle, ok), potoatoes (good), baby carrots (insipid) and gravy (tasty); a slice of white bread with margarine (wholemeal bread and butter was selectable on the daily menu, but this was the first day of meals for me so no selections); a banana-y muffin (dense and moist) and gluten-free vanilla icecream. every meal also came with hot water, and a tea bag (or presumably coffee sachet if elected), and a cute cutlery, napery and seasoning package.

so really, I am quite ok, it wasn’t so painful after all.

(oh, the knee is mending too. Tom is in the field, so I am recuperating at the ‘in laws’, where stair negotiation is supervised, and it is very peaceful and comfortable, not to mention the food is of a considerably higher standard. I will post the nz and other more appetising foody things soon!)


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