NZ – Whakatane & White Island

well, wordpress has finally fixed the uploading glitch, and I can post this!

my recent trip to my homeland involved quite a bit of driving around and socialising and quite a bit of eating.. I’m sure no-one is surprised! I’ll break it down into a couple of posts, but I certainly haven’t recorded everything we ate! here is the first leg…

I flew into Auckland, and was met by Mother, Uncle & Aunt, and promptly driven 5 hours to Whakatane. this is the Eastern Bay of Plenty, a truly spectacular part of the world. I have many memories of traveling through here as a child; this coastline, with it’s dramatic white cliffs and black sand is exquisite, especially in summer when the iconic Pohutukawa are in bloom.

In Whakatane we met up with Grandparents and Aunts, and spent a couple of days eating, walking, shopping, talking and laughing, as well as fitting a trip to an active marine volcano in. you know, just casually. we visited Whakaari (White Island) with PeeJay, and were all blown away (NOT literally!) by the island and the tour company.. if you are ever in that part of the world, I can only recommend you go, it is certainly unlike anything else you will ever experience.

whitebaiting1.jpg kowhai.jpg

hardhatting.jpg Whakaari - White Island

We stayed at the White Island Rendezvous (also owned by the tour company) where suites are well equipped, with massive bathrooms, and again, we were impressed by the service and genuine friendliness of the staff, not to mention the cafe’s breakfasts and coffee!

bacon & eggs eggs benedict

as we were celebrating Grandad’s 84th birthday (that’s him with mama and I in our volcano safety gear), we also enjoyed rhubarb and lemon syrup birthday cake, courtesy of aunt Kim, and Limoncello made last year by mother from her overproducing lemon tree.

rhubarb and lemon syrup cake Limoncello

we also ate out a few times, including the lovely hidden gem; Roquette, a short stroll from our hotel. it’s been open about a year, and we were all impressed with their staff (esp. the kindness and humour in accommodating an unbooked table of 6), as well as the yummy menu and great winelist.

next leg: Northland.. coming soon!


4 thoughts on “NZ – Whakatane & White Island

  1. I will ask my aunt and mother for the cake and limoncello recipes, and post them! are you going to do some liqueur? how cool! we are thinking of doing ginger beer for summer (which is nearly here!)

    xxxx z

  2. Cool,
    yes I have heaps of organic lemons, which need to get used.
    Rhiennen (Laurynes little sister) is coming tomorrow to visit, we will hopefully have a great WE! I also wanna bake some lemon cake…mmhh!

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