we’ve started smoking…

and boy is it good.

dsc_7975.jpg dsc_7991.jpg dsc_8018.jpg

as you can imagine, I have not been on my feet very much post-surgery, and therefor not really doing any cooking. Tom bought a smoker on one of his recent field trips, and we (that’s the royal we – it was really all Tom + YLD&YLM) finally broke it out the other weekend, smoking a trout and some mackerel steaks. it works unbelievably quickly and well, and is absolutely delicious, we had smoked trout dip, and makerel with wedges and salad.

we’ve had another go on the weekend, and next I will upload the pics of what we did with the leftovers this time….


9 thoughts on “we’ve started smoking…

  1. recipes for smoking and for the leftover utilisation coming soon

    SteamyKitchen, I can’t believe how easy and cool a smoker is, everyone should have one! you’d think it would be all this hassle, but it’s really not, and takes up very little space. even better if someone else does the clean up too…. 😉

  2. If you ever come across some fresh jalapeño chillies you should try smoke-dry them. The result is Chipotle chillies, which you can use as a condiment to make your food taste really good, even if you normally don’t like chillies. If you manage to do that I’ll give you a few of my mum’s recipes to do pretty damn good stuff with them.

    Just be careful with the chilli ‘smoke’. That can make you cough (It’s better done outdoors)… I heard a story recently on the news about someone in London cooking chillies and setting up a terrorist threat paranoia.

    I want a smoker too!!

  3. ooohhh.. great idea Roddi! I may well be asking you for your mama’s recipes some day soon.. and what weirdos don’t normally like chillies???

    yeah, I heard about that chilli terrorist threat – apparently it was from a Thai restaurant making Nam Prik Pao – where the chillies are fried off/kinda smoked first.. check it out at http://www.chezpim.com/blogs/2007/10/nam-prik-pao.html

    yikes! anyway.. very cool idea, we have been asking ourselves “what else can we smoke???” so another foodthing in line for a smoking…

  4. Kelly, I can’t recommend getting one enough! just do it! it is really ridiculously easy and cool!

    Paris, darling, the ‘what next’ post is now up, sorry for the wait!

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