what the smoked fish did next, a Fable.

the smoked fish became PIES.


I have oddly vivid memories of being a very small child living on Waiheke Island, and my favourite thing to eat when I went with my mum to Oneroa (the only place on Waiheke (“why-heh-keh”) with a largish grocery shop when I was a child, although I understand now there is a SUPERMARKET. WTF?) was smoked fish pie at some hippy cafe (long closed). (the whole island was hippy in those days actually. not anymore!).

I can so vividly remember eating smoked fish pie, which I’m sure some people do not consider a very child-friendly food, but then again apparently I also demanded (garlic and parsley laced) omelettes, so I definitely did not suffer from ‘white food syndrome’ as a child!

anyway, I could tell you how my pies were made, but since I didn’t take ‘during’ photos (I was actually too busy having lie downs every 5 minutes, because being up with my recently surgery-ed leg for that long was still very tiring and painful), and in fact it is ridiculously easy, so instead here is a diagram demonstrating the pie-structions.


which leaves me time to tell you another riveting smoked fish pie related story. Once upon a time, in 2002, while living in Nelson Bay a princess (me) went along to the really quite wonderful Red Ned’s pie shop to grab some lunch. I asked Mr Red Neds (AKA Barry Kelly) if he had plans to make my favourite, his Smoked Haddock Pies any time soon, as I had a pie hankering which his teriyake kangaroo, honey-lime-chilli scallops and prawn, fiji curry steak, nor any of the other 50-odd regulars just wouldn’t fulfill.

Mr Kelly looked at me for a minute, then told me to come back in the next couple of days. He had just been pottering around the bakery, mulling on which pies to enter in the upcoming pie competition, and yes, my favourite would just fit the bill, so he would make some for the competition, some for the shop and one for me (I am a princess in this story, remember?).

Needless to say, because I have extremely good taste, my favourite pie not only took out the Gold Medal for Gourmet Seafood Pie, but also Gold Winner Overall. Best Pie In The Competition. seriously – check out their awards list! The day after the competition Mr Kelly called me in to gave me a complementary Smoked Haddock Pie, and the whole village rejoiced. well, ok, mostly the Red Neds peeps. and me!

the end.


3 thoughts on “what the smoked fish did next, a Fable.

  1. I remember those smoked fish pies. It was the Beachcomber Cafe at Oneroa on Waiheke and the smoked fish pies were made on friday. They were delicious and you had to get there very early to get one… I don’t remember any vegies or top on the pies, just the bechamel sauce and the smoked fish.
    I’ve tried quite a few times to emulate the recipe, your bechamel sauce sounds like it might be just the go..

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