a food puzzle

dear puku readers,

as we plunge headfirst into the holiday (and birthday!*) season, the foodblogs around the blogosphere are full of cookies, mince tarts, the Northern hemisphere’s ubiquitous turkeys, stuffing, revolting canned(!) pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes with marshmallows(!) and the Southern hemisphere’s altogether more appetising prawns and seafood, lush salads, cold hams and turkeys (ok, we are preparing stuffing too), berries, stone fruit, mangoes and melons (soaked in bubbly, of course!).

here at the puku, we are a little bare on holiday trappings so far.. my apologies. I will blog some seasonal food things, but I am a bit behind the ball, and seasonal eating is only really beginning today for us, although I ate my first mango of the season on Friday, so that’s a start, right?

in the meantime, and as a distraction perhaps, I am posting a photo of a mystery foodthing**. I will update with the full story soon.

any guesses?

what is this?

* mine!  ** I do know what it is 


5 thoughts on “a food puzzle

  1. It’s a close up of a grainwave! With any luck it’s a sour cream and onion flavoured one!! Aaaawww, I want one…. or 30…. xx

  2. nice guess Aria, but unfortunately Ves has the advantage of having lived in Aotearoa and thus knows instantly that it is a Grainwave, and of course it is sour cream and chives, V!!!! mmm… I want some too. maybe Minerva can send us care packages? we shall arrange some for Aria too, so she can also instantly drool when she sees a photo like this.

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