GRAINWAVES – a food puzzle resolved

the mysteriously textured foodthing in the previous post was correctly identified by Ves as a Grain Wave. She even guessed correct with Sour Cream and Chives flavour! But she also had a Kiwi advantage…

as Grain Waves are a beloved kiwi snack – well, beloved by me, and Vesli, at least!


They are super crunchy, thick waves of grainy crispy goodness, and are pretty irresistible.. for those not in NZ, if you are traveling to Aotearoa/NZ any time soon, I highly recommend doing so, and making your way straight from the airport to the nearest Dairy (=cornershop), Foodtown or Pak’N’Save and grabbing yourself a bag.

or…. you can buy them online! woot! AND apparently, you can buy them in Sydney!!

and just because the Bluebird advertising theme has been buzzing around in my head the whole time I’ve been writing this post, here it is for you to enjoy too:

the ad on youtube (I can’t seem to embed it, such a noob!)


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