a peck of pickled peppers (ok, smoked actually)

Tom and I decided (ahem, and our bank balances strongly suggested) more homemade xmas presents this year. Roddi gave us an idea with his mention of chipotles during our smoker craze (admittedly, ongoing)… so we thought we’d have a go at smoking our own chillis.

Traditional chipotles take several days to slow cold smoke and basically dry out, but we couldn’t be bothered spending 48 hours straight attending to and refueling our small smoker every 20 minutes. Instead we simply hot-smoked a selection of mixed chillis and capsicum-y things (banana caps, long green chilli, long red chilli and birds eye chilli), and jarred them up prettily in olive oil.



The finished product was distributed to Sydney friends and family, unfortunately the Ikea rubber-sealed jars we used were not as tightly sealing as one might like, but hopefully the contents is ok!

Interestingly, we left a couple of the un-jarred smoked chillis in the fridge and they are still sitting there in a ziplock bag, looking quite unblemished (about 3 weeks now).. so the smoking process does quite a bit of preserving.

We kind of made it up as we went, so no recipe for this, but roughly; hot smoke chillis for 20-30 mins, squash into sterilised jars, cover in olive oil (add garlic cloves, herbs if desired). Easy!


4 thoughts on “a peck of pickled peppers (ok, smoked actually)

  1. thanks Bob! and Rodders, that is a good idea! I added a couple to some red bean & chicken slow cooked umm thing (?) the other night, added a very nice smokey flavour.

    Now Roddi, Kiki sent me pix of you in Switzerland, and I think we need to talk… ummm it’s about some of your outfits.. you know what I’m talking about. head to toe silver skisuits, severely acid-washed jeans. what is going on, I thought you were supposed to be the sexiest man in Europe? is it all the mustard? are you OK? on the other hand, you were not wearing tevas… πŸ˜‰

  2. Yeah I know, the ski suit was borrowed from the guy who rented us the chalet, who I don’t know in person but must be a pretty big guy!

    The tevas would be ok in the mountains, but I still need my toes so I opted for winter shoes.

    Anyway, if you had seen Sara wearing Kiki’s mum’s 1970s ski suit you wouldn’t have even noticed my fashion mistakes πŸ˜‰

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