Happy bloggiversary, Puku

Well, the puku has turned one year old. My first proper food post was a year ago this week, and was about the spiced oil I’d made as xmas presents. What fun!

I’ve been less frequent with the postings than I’d like, been involved in less foodblog events than I’d like (every month I look at Is My Blog Burning and think of all the interesting events I want to be part of, and then… do nothing), and actually not even cooked as much as I’d like (moving states, surgery etc), but I’ve had some fun, some great conversations, been warmly welcomed by the foodblogging community whenever I do get my ass into gear and get involved, and been inspired to do plenty more.

I love that in WordPress you can check the site stats, including referrers and search engine terms that have lead people to your site. It’s quite addictive. I tend to get several visits a day from people searching for ‘puku’, ‘papaya’, ‘risotto’, ‘mashed potato’ – even a ‘why eat fresh mashed potato’ the other day (which had me wondering why anyone would prefer eating off/rotting mashed potato until I remembered powdered instant mash existed in some revolting alternate world), and ‘snow pea/fetta/avocado salad’ which leads to my highest hitting post to date.

Every day or two there are ‘dragonfruit’, ‘fruit salad’ ‘coffee’, ‘lentil soup’, ‘kedgeree’ and a growing variety of ‘smoked’ searches. Then there are the totally weird ones – lately; ‘Pizza’ – I’m pretty sure I don’t have any pizza posts on the puku, ‘Fiji hospital’, ‘poor hospital’ (WTF?), 2 searches for ‘insipid food’ and on Friday alone ‘sachet food’, gross food’, ‘awful food’ and 2 searches for ‘eating gross food contest’!! ummm… is Google trying to tell me something?!

On the other hand, in the past couple of days there has also been a ‘love’ and a ‘pleasurable eating’, so I can only hope, dear reader, that this is what you have found here.

Aroha nui, ka kite ano, bring on 2008!

xxx z


8 thoughts on “Happy bloggiversary, Puku

  1. Happy bloggiversary, Puku! I enjoy every post you made so far. I often got already inspired by meals and hope you will continue. Good on you mate!!

    Don’t you have some anti-heart-broken dishes, where you just feel great and satisfied from? So you don’t need a man anymore!

  2. thanks Kiki, I’m glad you like it!

    I think food can definitely effect your mood, so I will get to work researching on some anti-heart-broken food for you…. not sure about the man-replacement though.. might be hard! anyway, remember we love you heaps! xxx

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