WBB – a healthy eats breakfast

I love breakfast.. well, I love going out for breakfast and lounging with coffees and friends and the paper and, admittedly, pork products. I’m less keen on the cereal-before-trudging-to-work-early-in-the-morning kind of breakfast, though I do try, because it is a Good Habit.

Because I am currently not doing any trudging to work in the morning or at any time, my breaking of fast is a little haphazard. If I’m going to the gym early, I might have some fruit first, then come home and be starving and eat lunch early, but if I’m going to the gym late, I slip into old Bad Habits, and don’t eat until 11am or even well past ‘lunchtime’. Bad Habit!

Here is a morning feast from the other day, that was easy to put together, with minimal dishes, not too full on either in the kitchen or in the puku (tummy), but tasty enough to motivate actually cooking and eating, while also being really very healthy, and looking kind of substantial, in a lazy weekend kind of way.


I can’t think of where it was, but I must have heard/read about some sort of middle easterny influenced egg breakfast recently, which niggled in the back of my head when I was looking for inspiration in the morning. I have no idea if there is any resemblance to the original, apart from the cumin/chilli/paprika and egg combo, but if I remember or find it again I will reference back to it to see.

in the meantime, this is so bloody simple, but really quite delicious and light.

Spiced Egg with Hummus on Toast

In a non-stick frying pan, crack as many eggs per person as each person wishes to eat, and sprinkle liberally with ground cumin, paprika, chilli flakes, cayenne, salt, pepper, sesame seeds (or of course, anything else really, as your tastebuds/pantry dictate). toast your bread of choice – mine was a thickly slice of poppyseed vienna loaf, and I toasted it over the bare flame, because our toaster is broken, and I couldn’t be assed turning on the grill for one piece of toast. It imparted a lovely smokey flavour in fact. Spread said toast liberally with hummus, place eggs (cooked to your liking) on top. eat.

In the photo, it does not appear to be a very liberal sprinkling of spices, and I think it could have managed a bit more kick, but it was really very tasty. This would make a very easy breakky to serve a large-ish group, especially as the chilli kick will ensure your guests are not turned off, if their eggs are less than piping hot when they get to the plate. Not that I’m saying you will serve them cold eggs (I’m sure you wouldn’t!), but chilli does trick the brain a bit on temperature, so you won’t be stressing as the plates go out.

wbb-feb.jpgI am putting this forward as my first entry for Weekend Breakfast Blogging, which is hosted for February by Tasty Palettes. WBB is focusing on healthy breakkies this month, and this gives a great protein boost via the egg and the hummus, was cooked without oil, and could further be improved by a nice wholegrain bread, so it really is a healthy eat!


8 thoughts on “WBB – a healthy eats breakfast

  1. Vacation days are memorable because of the wonderful breakfast places we visit. Sadly, that seldom occurs on any given day. Love the bright yolk. Your idea inspires me to try something new. Thanks 🙂

  2. This is a really good idea for a quick breakfast – houmous is one of things were you always have an odd spoonful leftover in the fridge, slowly going off!

  3. thanks Suganya, glad you like the look of it!

    Kiki, DEFINITELY! no plates full of butter/hollandaise here! although I have plans to do a copy of Laddah’s baked potted chorizo/beans/eggs one day..

    Sophie, you are so right, there’s always a 3/4 eaten tub/bowl that’s not full enough to put out as a snack, but can’t be tossed, so it just sits there… that’s definitely what happened here!

  4. That looks good and I’ll try it very soon. I like the way that toast looks!

    Speaking of eggy breakfast, have you tried huevos rancheros? We had them in Switzerland for hangover brekky and they were a success (and I guess healthy enough). It’s basically eggs poached in a tomato salsa:

    To make the salsa you boil tomatoes with a bit of onion and garlic, and if you like also a bit of oregano and chillies (your smoked chilies might be good for that). Put everything on the blender with a bit of the water where you boiled the stuff to get a soupy consistency, and salt it a bit if you like. Then make it simmer on a frying pan, poach the eggs on it and voilà! You can eat it with corn tortillas (the fajita type) or baguette-kind-of-bread.

    You can also make the salsa with canned tomatoes. It’s quicker and sometimes even better, because it’s hard to get good fresh tomatoes these days

    And now I’m hungry 😦

  5. Roddi, I have never eaten huevos rancheros, though I’ve come across recipes for it (memorably as ‘eggs in piquant sauce’ in one of my cookbooks, weird.) … now that you mention it, it does sound like a great hangover cure!

    how bout you come over, we’ll drink a bottle of cachaca (with a bit of lime and sugar, o?) and then we can make heuvos rancheros in the morning?

    sound good? Anyone else in? (better make that a couple of bottles of cachaca, you can pick up in duty free, k?) see you all soon!

    xxxx (and yes, that is FOUR x’s. you can take a girl out of FNQ…)


  6. Rodi,
    I thought you might kick in for the huevos rancheros story from Switzerland, they were mmmhhhh….yummy!
    I am looking forward to come to Djon in May with Meike, we have to make sure that there is a good reason to make huevos rancheros again…..!!!


  7. Ok Zoe, deal. But we’ll have to get dead drunk (with cachaça and XXXX, why not?) the evening before the huevos to test their hangover cure properties.

    Kiki, I’ll try to call you one of these days to tell you the whole story. I think there might be a slight change of plans… I applied for a job in england, and if I get it I think I’ll be moving there already in May! It’s all happening kind of quickly, I’ll keep you posted.

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