Marinated Fetta

Marinated fetta is my no-brainer go-to thing to make when I need to provide something tasty for nibbling. It looks a bit delicious, impressive and expensive, and yet it couldn’t be simpler to chuck together, either days or minutes before needed.

I hate to call this a recipe, but I get asked for it frequently, so here it is, with some attempt at quantities!

Marinated Fetta ready to eat

Marinated Fetta

Cut 2 blocks of fetta (a soft Danish style, as pictured, is nice, but so is a firmer Aussie one, even low fat!) into manageable cubes. In a saucepan, gently warm around 1/2 cup nice olive oil add 4-6 garlic cloves, roughly crushed, and 1-2 tbs of panch phora and take off the heat. Alternatively you can put them in a deep tupperware container and chuck in the microwave for a couple of 10 sec bursts – basically, warm until garlic is fragrant, but not coloured or crisped in the slightest. Add 1-2 tsp sumac, maybe 1/2 tsp paprika, a grinding of black pepper and several large peels of lemon zest (peeled off the side with a knife or vege peeler, not zested off).

In a deep tupperware container (I use the smallest REDA lidded mixing bowl, which is perfect), place the cubes of fetta, pour the oil mix over, then squeeze in the juice of 1/2 a lemon. Put the lid on the container, and GENTLY turn the bowl to move the liquid around the fetta, NO SHAKING!!! just gently turning it around.

Place in fridge until needed, it will store for days – reportedly weeks, but it certainly doesn’t go uneaten that long! delicious eaten with crackers and pesto, on bread, in frittata, stirred through pasta (liquid and all=instant sauce), in muffins, or.. straight out of the container, oh, about 3 minutes after you’ve made it and put it in the fridge.


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