coleslaw with yogurt dressing

Some yummy coleslaw with yogurt dressing instead of mayonnaise-y dressing. feels so much healthier! Not that I have any problems with mayonnaise, but I have been completely obsessed with plain greek yogurt recently, eating kilos and kilos of it, and this was just one of the yogurt incarnations. you know, when I wasn’t spooning it straight from the tub at the open fridge.

a colourful bowl of coleslaw

Coleslaw ingredients included: sliced red cabbage, chopped celery – stalks AND leaves, julienned carrot, finely diced onion.. that’s about it.

Yogurt dressing was: a big splodge of greek style plain yogurt, a splosh of white vinegar, salt, pepper. that’s totally it.

Simple, colourful and delicious.


5 thoughts on “coleslaw with yogurt dressing

  1. hi Kiki, yeah, freshly made coleslaw is nothing like the awful soggy versions Aussies love to buy pre-made from the supermarket. fresh coleslaw is really crunchy and zingy and tasty!

    1. Coolio, sorry I’m not much of a quantities prescriber with my recipes, it’s kinda a case of however much you like of each ingredient.. but roughly I’d say that 1/4 a medium cabbage, 3 stalks of celery, 2 carrots, 1/2 an onion, then maybe 3 large tablespoons of yogurt and somewhat less vinegar (I also use lemon for this either as well of or instead of vinegar) will give you a descent lunch/dinner side-dish salad for a couple of people – add more of everything if serving more people, or people who like coleslaw more 😉

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