tagliatelle with walnut-basil pesto

I have finally transfered a bunch of photos from tom’s computer/camera to my laptop, so I can fill in some puku blanks.

handmade tagliatelle with walnut-basil pesto

Here is the walnut pesto I alluded to when I posted my almost perfect walnut cracking, complete with homemade tagliatelle! This was my second round with the pasta roller I got for my birthday (thanks Rob!!) and I’m really enjoying the process (in fact, there is a big ABCD ravioli-off post coming soon!).

For the pasta I think I followed Jamie Oliver’s recipe. The pesto was simply a bunch of walnuts, a handful of basil and a grating of parmigiana, blitzed in the food processor with a bit of seasoning and some olive oil and zest/a squeeze of lemon, and I tossed it all together with some pan-fried mushies and brocolli and a few handfuls of rocket. simple! I really like walnuts, especially in something like this for a change – a bit more bitter/earthy than a pinenut or cashew.

Shout outs to Alex, who was staying with us when I made this – Hi! it was great seeing you and having a week of vege-love and pretentious yoga on the beach!


4 thoughts on “tagliatelle with walnut-basil pesto

  1. Hey looks great – not a fan of the walnut myself but I think that is due to a bad experience with a walnut cake when I was little.

    I don’t have a pasta machine so I make my tagliatelle by rolling it up which is something I’m sure you must enjoy using the machine for instead now.

    mmm I think I might make pasta tomorrow night

  2. dude, having the hand-cranked machine is certainly sweet… but on sunday we had a ravioli night and made the pasta in Kath’s kitchenaid mixer – the mixer mixed, then kneaded (kneaded!!) the dough, then we whacked on the roller attachment and didn’t even have to crank the roller.. now THAT was easy! especially maybe after a few wines…

    mmmm kitchenaid. as we say around here; the dura-ace of kitchen appliances.

    and if walnuts are not your bag, you can always use pinenuts or whatev.

  3. I just bought a ready-made walnut-pesto yesterday in a great italian store, sorry!
    Yours looked so good, that I had to had one, even if I am not in touch with my best friend “oskar 500” in the moment!!

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