lamingtons, 100’s of baby mini lamingtons!

Can you believe I made 2 batches of lamingtons within the space of a couple of weeks? did I loose my marbles somewhere? cos those things are bloody fiddly!

I made the first batch (really mini ones) for the going away bbq of our German neighbours, as they’d been in Oz 4.5 years and NOT HAD LAMINGTONS. that is like, a national crime! then I took a couple of ‘reject’ lamingtons over to Andy and Bob’s and left Bob’s in the fridge for her, and when she ate it she txted me and demanded suggested I make them for the bbq they were throwing that Friday. And no-one can resist the powers of a Dragon-Bob, so I did!

ahem, these photos are from the German batch, I made bigger ones for the A&B bbq, because seriously, it takes some patience to spend several hours making 70+ bloody mini lammingtons.

anyway, it being ANZAC Day today (and me not really being a huge fan on the ANZAC biscuit), this is a very fittingly trans-patriotic dish to post today. I think it’s also fitting that I made them for The Germans; ANZAC Day IS supposed to be a *war: never again* statement day, and what else says *never again* like eating a sugary snack together?

OMG nude lamingtons!

into a chocolate icing bath let the excess icing drip off

rolled in shredded dessicated coconut

Lamintons (recipe from my WILLOW Country Bake Lamington Tray – only a few bucks at woolies! score!)

125g butter
2/3 cup sugar
2 eggs
2 cups self raising flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/3 cup milk (approx)
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
cream butter and sugar until fluffy, add vanilla, eggs, beating well. add sifted flour and salt alternately with milk, adding more milk if needed, to form ‘soft dropping’ consistency. Spread evenly in a 31x25cm shallow/sheet cake tin/pan. bake for 25-35 mins @ 180 degrees C until done. cool. leave overnight to stale up a bit if you are freakishly organised and don’t need them finished, like, today.
1. cut the cooled cake into lamington size/s of your choice, halve each into two even layers and carefully spread jam and double cream (must be quite thick cream) – I found it easiest to spread one side with jam and the other with cream and then sandwich them together. (NB. you can skip this step altogether and having boring unfilled lamingtons, you know, if you really want.)
2. make a medium consistency chocolate icing (butter, icing sugar, cocoa, hot water) – it needs to be liquid enough to soak into the cake reasonably quickly, but not too much or the cake will fall apart, and thick enough to set quickly once covered in coconut. you’ll probably need to experiment a bit. and eat any rejects. I also added more hot water as I went along, cos it dried and got a bit thick.
3. set up an assembly line of 1) filled nude cakes 2) bowl of icing 3) plate of dessicated coconut 4) clean plate to hold finished product.
4. dip nude cakes in icing (a spoon helps to quickly cover all sides without soaking the cake too much), let the excess icing drip off (I found 2 forks worked well, but don’t stab your cakes, they’ll disintegrate), roll quickly in coconut, gently pressing coconut into all sides, then place on plate. as you fill up plates, put them into the fridge, it helps the icing set quicker.
5. Present a plate towering with handmade Aussie treats, and make friends for life (even though you would rather stab out your own eyes than go through this fiddly nightmare again, and your friends will have to wait months if not years before this culinary feat is reproduced. But they will remember, and hold out!)

A couple of notes:

yes, your cake will fall apart at some point, just cuss as loudly as you can and move on. Beware especially of over-soaking the cake in icing, and not being gentle enough when filling with jam and cream. But hey, look on the bright side – more rejects!

Don’t eat too many rejects. you will be very seriously ill, and possibly never ever make, let alone eat lamingtons again because the mere thought of them makes you nauseous and in danger of falling into a spontaneous sugar coma. Men or children (or child-men) to help with the rejects is a very good idea.

It is also perfectly acceptable to make unfilled lamingtons (plain cake square covered in icing and coconut) and then at some point close to eating time, cut and fill with some jam and whipped cream, like they have here. I have certainly done it before. I just really do love the surprise people get when it’s actually secretly a filled lamington, and they didn’t even know! but seriously, it does add to the fiddlyness, so that is an option.


8 thoughts on “lamingtons, 100’s of baby mini lamingtons!

  1. Wow…have just been thinking that it has been forever since I’ve had a decent lamington (those dry dusty things you get from the supermarket aren’t that great) and that I wanted to have a go making my own…yours look gorgeous, might have to try them out asap! Sounds like a great way to mark Anzac day. Especially by eating the ‘rejects’ (“oops, broke another, what a shame…”)

    Love the name of your blog btw 🙂

  2. Laura, yep they are certainly worlds away from the dry supermarket things, it is definitely worth it! hey.. you can always make them HUGE = less fiddling around + more generous servings (= seriously, I have been eating so healthy lately – I only ate ONE lamington!)

    and thanks for the name compliment! 🙂

  3. Happy Anzac day!

    tomorrow is “Dance in the May-day” by us!
    I wonder what I could do as a speciality?!

    Going to Djion to visite Rodi!
    Bon Appétit !

  4. They look brilliant… last time I tried to make lamingtons I tried to do a genoise as the cake base… a catastrophe.. haven’t been brave enough to go back and try again!

  5. Yum! They look so tasty! Can you send me some in the mail? I’ll happily accept any rejects, in any shape or form! xx

  6. I luv me some lamingtons. On fact my distain for coconut shavings vanished along with any lamingtons in reach. This scrumptious edible creation seriously could prevent wars with its oh so soothing texture and flavor combination that is only limited by your creative abilities to compliment a chocolate (which by the way goes without saying is my favorite food group) coated cake which also holds its own when ever an occasion calls for a delightful food to compliment any and types of life’s milestones. What other food can universally offer the Swiss Army knife like ability. For example any meal sank or , breakfast (aka muffin) breakfast cake. To make a short story long. Cake make my word a better place to live in. After all being that Christ the savior broke bread (cake without sugar) as a way to express his message of salvation. What would sacrament be without this Devine food?

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