Rav-off! ABCD Ravioli Challenge

The Boblet, Kath and I decided to form a club in response to the boys obsessive behaviours. Originally ABC : Anti Bikes & Computers, we made an official name change to ABCD: Always Bitching, Complaining & Drinking. This decision was made at the AGM held in Bright at the new year, which may or may not have involved an intense afternoon-to-late night session of the above, with multiple bottles of North-Eastern Victoria’s finest.

We did consider adding an E for Eating on the end, but figured once we started that we would probably quite quickly end up just being called the ABDCEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, ah, which is slightly less catchy, don’t you agree?

At any rate, it would have been suitable in light of our recent exploits, the first of which I am posting now, and the second of which happened last week (!), which is why I am getting my ass into gear and finally posting this one already!

The ABCD Ravioli Challenge or The Rav-Off!

4 girls (we had Jo ringing in as an ABCD member, despite my having never heard her complaining about anything! impostor!), a couple of kilos of 000 flour, a pile of eggs, an assortment of tasty fillings and, hello, Kath’s kitchenaid mixer which kindly mixed, kneaded(!!) and then electronically cranked the pasta roller attachment! Sweet!

I can’t remember who’s pasta recipe we used, but I’ve used a few different ones and they all seem to work. The mixer kneaded the dough and we refrigerated it in balls while we prepped the fillings.

kneading the dough

we rolled the pasta sheets out to 6, because we were worried about the filling staying in, and 7 seemed like it would be too thin. I don’t have any photos of the rolling : (

The fillings:

Pumpkin, spinach and fetta: mashed oven roasted pumpkin, chopped fresh spinach, chunks of fetta.

Aubergine: oven roasted aubergine, tomato, onion, garlic, assorted spices, fetta (yummy, but no piccies).

Caramelised onion with anchovies and olives: it’s a Donna Hay recipe but I can’t find any link to link to and I’m not sure which of her books Jo was working from, but basically you slow cook lots of onion and add chopped anchovies and sliced olives until they’re lovely and caramelised.

stamping ravs and taking photos

caramelised onion, anchovy and olive

we (um, Kath) made a simple tomato and basil sauce, with CUTE tinned cherry toms to serve will each flavour. We cooked the ravs in filling batches, and had 3 rav courses plus dessert. hey also, hello maths skills, since we each ate ~4 ravs per course, and there were 7 of us, and 3 courses, we made over 84 ravs! I say definitely quite a bit over, since you know, you have to test a few along the way 😉

I took photos of each course, but, you know what, ravs kinda all look the same on the outside!

ravioli results!


8 thoughts on “Rav-off! ABCD Ravioli Challenge

  1. to warm the winter blues away.. I’m missing out. But I do have a number of taste sensations for you, Chinese cabbage and green paw paw salad, roast pumpkin, snake bean and haloumi frittata, hand made blue corn tortillas with assorted goodness… mmm

  2. thanks all!

    Laura, I’m glad you liked the falafel, sorry you’re still not keen on frying 🙂

    Timtim … we are so coming to visit, but when, when we’re all so busy dominating???

    Tim (pancake Tim) – it’s cute, but we actually found the stamper was a bit superfluous, just as easy to cut them and press with fork, and that way you don’t waste any of the hard earned pasta dough!

    V – you are completely welcome in the ABCD!

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