Dump Off! ABCD Dumpling Challenge

Oh, puku, I have been neglecting you! Don’t worry, my actual puku has been reasonably well attended, but between coursework and thesis chapter deadlines, my other job (the one they give me monies for), and last-minute arranging of moving flats, it has all been a bit hectic, broa! around here.

So here is a tardy posting of the ABCD Dump-Off, the second in a series of ABCD Cook-Offs (see #1:Rav-Off here), basically an excuse for the ABCD to get together and do what we do best – drink a few bottles of wine, potter in the kitchen and get our bitching and complaining on… and laughing and complimenting – it’s not all wine+whine!

And now the photos. Here is part of my reluctance to post the Dump-Off. See, I didn’t take any photos. Lockman took photos. And now my usual humble photography will be put to shame! 🙂 Thanks for the pics, Lockman!

mushroom & water chestnut dumpling filling
momo filling
OMG Kiki Sambal! I couldn't walk past this!
assorted dumpling shapes, ready for the pan
how beautiful does this look? aubergine and red capsicum stew
hello little dumplings!

So, the Dump-Off went really pretty well! I won’t be posting recipes as such, but the menu was as follows:

Dumpling Fillings
> prawn, garlic, coriander (=cilantro), spring onion
> shitake mushrooms, garlic, chopped + grated water chestnut, herbs
> spicy pork
> momo style – sweet potato & coriander
Additional Offerings (not dumplings)
> bbq roast pork (not happy with recipe yet, but more to come!)
> aubergine and red capsicum stew
> asian greens with oyster sauce
Dipping Sauces
> 5 different combinations of soy, sesame oil, chilies, coriander, garlic, ginger, vinegar, fish sauce, herbs etc 🙂

The dumplings themselves are too easy to make – just pick some filling combos, we used wonton/dumpling wrappers (picked up at the Asian grocers, but I’ve seen them frequently at the supermarket, should be in the fridge area where the fresh noodles, pastas and filo/phyllo pastry is kept!), press the edges together firmly and steam, boil or fry! YUM!


3 thoughts on “Dump Off! ABCD Dumpling Challenge

  1. Heh,
    that is so cute with the KikiSAmbal!
    I was thinking today on wontons and how to make them again.
    I had a dream last night about the ones in Townville, ready-made, the Best!!
    So yummy!! I like the vegie-style!

  2. hey zo – and kiki!

    mm, I too have been scheming a dumpling-making episode for some time now – fantastic. I might try my mum’s potsticker dough recipe. But z, I do have a question you could maybe help me with – I have a no-gluten friend to include so have been wondering more lately about the best strategy to create gf dumplings….. do you have any tips? Have you ever tried working with rice paper and does it actually work?

    – I can’t wait to visit and envy your table!!


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