Hummus (hommos, humous etc etc)

Joelle has been asking me for my hummus recipe for ages, so when she came over on Sunday, we whipped up a batch together. Hummus has got to be one of the simplest & yummiest things to dip, spread and dollop. I love it spread thick on multi-grain toast, in sandwiches, on bread with grilled meats, with veges and crackers and bread dipped in it.. and um, straight off the spoon. 🙂

a bowl of lovely magic paste
a bowl of lovely magic paste

It’s super easy to make. I prefer to soak my dried chickpeas overnight and then drain, rinse, and give them a quick 30 min boil in lots of fresh water, until soft, before draining again for whizzing. The texture and taste are better, BUT sometimes you don’t know that you want hummus tomorrow, so you know, just drain and rinse a tin or two of chickpeas, whatever.

OK – do this in a food processor, a mortar and pestle, or hell, at a pinch – even in a pot with a potato masher: first, crush some garlic (I use about 6-7 cloves for a bag/2 tins of chickies) with a bit of salt, then chuck in the chickpeas, a good 3-4 tablespoons of tahini, a squeeze of a lemon or 2, a couple of spoonfuls of ground cumin, maybe some ground coriander and a hint of paprika, a slurp of olive oil, and whizz/pound/mash the crap out of it. Make it as smooth or chunky as you like, or as you can be bothered (especially if mashing!).

Done! Eat!

Get’s more garlic-y the longer he sits around. The garlic breath is worth it.


3 thoughts on “Hummus (hommos, humous etc etc)

  1. Mmm hummus. I never have the foresight to plan hummus 24 hours in advance, but the el cheapo Coles smartbuy chickpeas are great — true to their cheap origins they’re not completely cooked, which makes a mostly smooth but *slightly* textured dip. It’s good stuff.

  2. a very nice thing to do is to combine the garlic and lemon juice and a bit of salt to a paste in the mortar and pestle prior to dumping in, bit more time but ’tis really good. Also good as a quick tasty salad dressing for Moroccan style foods

  3. I have just done a hummus with a bit of yogurt, it makes it lighter! great for the european championship semifinals tonight, juhu!!

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