baby toms

sorry about the absence of puku-licious things around here latey.. I’ve just had a thing to sort out. Nearly done, and then we’ll be rolling again!

Just quickly though, I have some new babies! If you also catch up with us at you might have read the backstory here (also explains absence, and why anything I might have written here lately would be almost unreadable – brain is mush. seriously, this post has taken exactly 6 years to write just now!)

so, in answer to Joelle’s question: yes! I bought some plants! here they are! (minus marigolds)

flat leaf parsley, thyme, chilli, basil, cherry tom, basil
flat leaf parsley, thyme, chilli, basil, cherry tom, basil

and lo! what have we here?

baby tom
more baby toms!
more baby toms!

anyway, hand in on monday, then I’ll BRB… 😀


6 thoughts on “baby toms

  1. let me know how your chillli goes –
    i tried one last year and the chillies ended up going to some sort of yukky mushed up things and then kind of just died – very odd – don’t know what i did or should have done.
    so i’ve gone back to basil and beetroot – so lets hope you sort out how to care for them and i’ll go and get some more chillies.
    and then we can smoke some more which would be really great – your last lot of smoked ones were fabulous

  2. thanks tim.
    maybe the potting mix was a bit rich.
    shall have another go in a “free draining substrate”!! –
    now, should i have a sandy soil mix or just sand?? i need a recipe.
    i shall try a couple of different types and maybe a couple of different soil mixes.

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