Cocoa Farm Shiraz Chocolate Barrels: a mature, nom-nom, sneaky treat

I've got a lov-e-ly box o' choco-barrels!
I've got a lov-e-ly box o' choco-barrels!

My mother used to tell people that when I was a small child I could hear a chocolate block being unwrapped from several rooms away… apparently without fail, as soon as the adults would begin to tear the wrapper, my tiny blonde head would suddenly appear out of nowhere, or come running in from the other end of the house.

This story would both embarrass me, but also secretly make me a little proud; I mean, if you’re going to have a super-power, never missing any chocolate eating is a pretty sweet one to have, right?

So when the lovely folks at Farm By Nature invited me to review some Cocoa Farm Shiraz Chocolate Barrels on the puku, needless to say I jumped at the chance, and they sent me a box of the new Shiraz Chocolate Barrels to try. Yay!

barrel of shiraz / barrel of chocolate: win-win!

And here they are, in all their adorable barrel-shaped cuteness!

I really didn’t know what to expect, and decided to go in blind – no googling, no reading up on the company or product, not even reading the back of the box until I’d had a moment to gather my first impressions. Tom and Andy also gave me their thoughts:

Z: very dark chocolatey, warm, fruity, bit raisiny
T: smells like rum chocolate
A: woody, a rustic smell
Z: really luscious smooth dark chocolate, very very chocolately, raisiny, very small tart clean raisin pieces (not the huge overpowering whole too-sweet raisins you normally find in fruit chocolate)
T: Oaky overtones, strong chocolate taste.. tastes like a rich Cherry Ripe
A:.. without the sickly-sweetness! The chocolate is quite, um, whatever the eating equivalent of quaffable is… it’s quite nom-nom!
overall impressions / final thoughts
Z: rich chocolate taste, love the raisins: not-overpowering but complimenting, very sophisticated taste, slightly warming alcohol taste, barrels just the right size… hmmm, maybe not: want another one.
T: it’s tasty, it’s strong, more like a port, would be really nice with a port.. hmm.. I’d better have some just to see (uncorks bottle, comes back) – would be perfect for skiiing or a cold wintery day!
A: much nicer chocolate than in other wine chocolates, the flavours are balanced, it’s constrained, mature.
Z: what did you think if the little raisins?
A: very discrete!
T: they’re sneaky
All agree: it’s a very adult chocolate

The ‘raisins’, my favourite bit, are in fact currants. Of course – now I’ve read the back of the box – currants are not the big juicy loudmouths raisins are, and make a much tarter and polite contribution to the flavour – no dominating the conversation.

Apparently this boutique Melbourne-based chocolate company have developed an innovative way to incorporate real wine into their chocolates, and they are hoping to be the first completely Aussie-produced chocolate – they’re working on Australia’s first commercial cocoa crop, hoping to be used in production next year – and they’re doing it in FNQ! In Mossman, a lovely part of the world, and just up the road from the ville 🙂

a sneaky little current, making polite conversation
a discrete little current, making polite conversation

All in all Tom, Andy and I really enjoyed the Cocoa Farm Shiraz Chocolates. They are a rich dark chocolate, and I really liked the wine and current flavours – very harmonious and restrained, no gimmicky chemically flavours overpowering everything, just a lovely warm dark flavour.

I would even hazzard a guess that the flavour will be a bit too richly dark and a bit too sugar-subtle for younger paletes. Adults: you might just get away with eating this alone, even children with super-chocolate-related-hearing powers withstanding!

check out the Cocoa Farm website, and use their nifty location finder – just type in your post-code to find your nearest stockists!


4 thoughts on “Cocoa Farm Shiraz Chocolate Barrels: a mature, nom-nom, sneaky treat

  1. Is it possible to get some send to Germany?
    Particularly here in the wine region, many have tried to combine dark chocolate and real wine, already!
    I need some…mmmhh!!

  2. ooooh, Kiki – I think Acajou is onto something.. we need a wine chocolate blind taste test! (remember the Aussie v German milka test?)

    would be interesting to see what the differences are – Cocoa Farm is concentrating on quality ingredients, so I think they could hold their own 🙂

    and, well, any excuse to eat some more chocolate.. for scientific purposes, of course!

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