Seasons Greetings and Happy 2009. with Garlic-Caper-Lemon Mayonnaise.

Wow. I hope everyone had a lovely solstice, christmas and general festive season, and/or whatever you celebrate. We’ve just returned from 10 days in Bright, Victoria, after Sydney-based christmas, new year and birthday celebrations, and I have about 1200 photos to download, and a huge pile of puku posts to write.

Before I start on the Alpine Food Blogging Marathon, a quick post on christmas. Down under, we – of course – celebrate our christmases in the heat of summer, and that may seem odd, crazy, un-christmassy, bizarre or unthinkable to you if you are used to a winter christmas, but you know what? I don’t care, because I’ve been celebrating my chrismasses with sun, blue skies, prawns, stonefruit, blackberries, the beach, the pool, the river, cherries, mangoes and avocadoes for nearly 30 years, and it freaking ROCKS!


we each make a salad for lunch
At Tom's parent's, we each make a salad for lunch
yummmm... prawns! so fresh and delicious, only the best seafood can be served plainly cooked
prawns! fresh & delicious, only the best seafood can be served so plainly cooked
plus kingfish - hotsmoked in the backyard (10 mins before this photo)
plus kingfish - hotsmoked in the backyard (10 mins before this photo was taken)

before we went up to YLM and YLD’s place on the 24th I made mayonnaise to go with our christmas day seafood lunch (and in the ham and turkey sandwiches for the days after that)

pouring in the oil... a slow steady stream
I decided not to crop this photo so you can see those two powerpoints - the only two usable ones in my kitchen! (there is also the one behind the fridge, the one in the washing machine cupboard, and another in a cupboard above the stove rangehood. which have the fridge, washing machine and rangehood in them respectively. for reals people - 2 powerpoints!)

I roughly was using Jamie Oliver’s mayo instructions, but less than half way through the oil pouring, I found the mixture at it’s max oil capacity – getting very jellyfied and about to split, so I added a lot more vinegar (Jamie only uses 1tbsp each vinegar and lemon juice!), and also some more lemon juice later. I could have simply stopped at the good consistency with half the oil, but I prefer less eggy taste (and, um, more mayo).

adding garlic, capers, a little lemon zest, salt, pepper
adding garlic, capers, a little lemon zest, salt, pepper

Garlic-Caper-Lemon Mayonnaise

place 1 freerange/organic egg yolk and a good pinch of salt (and some mustard if you wish) about 6-8 (maybe more?) tablespoons of any style of white vinegar in a food processor or bowl and whizz/whisk well.

once egg-vinegar mix is creamy, begin slowly adding 500ml vegetable oil (I used grapeseed oil, you can replace up to half with olive oil, but 100% olive oil is way too strongly flavoured) in a slow and steady trickle, building to slow stream, while whizzing/whisking vigourously.

when all the oil is incorporated, add 2-3 very well crushed garlic cloves, a little pile of chopped capers, 1/2 the zest and all the juice of one lemon and some more salt and pepper to taste.

Mayo is really really really easy to make. don’t be afraid, and feel free to play with the flavourings (try wasabi, or basil, or chilli!) and also the consistency until it is right for you – as long as you continue to whizz/whisk, you should be fine adding more oil, more vinegar as you go, until you’re happy.

then go and make the most delicious sandwhich ever. and be even happier!

happy 2009!

x x x x


5 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings and Happy 2009. with Garlic-Caper-Lemon Mayonnaise.

    When I was a kid we only ‘ad two power points in whole house!
    And, we had to share them with rest of street!
    You tell kids that today and they won’t believe you!

    PS The food looks really nice 🙂

  2. @ YLD: Lick Asphalt!

    @ Kiki: yes, that was YLM’s Mango and Avocado salad with walnuts and creamy dressing.. so perfect with seafood! 🙂

  3. zoe
    the mayo was really yummy and perfect with everything from prawns to ham and turkey – i plan to give it a go myself – and your icecream was great too with the pudding. next year i might try malcolm’s pudding.

    everyone made their usual wonderful salads – it works well because everyone produces surprising salads which maybe you wouldn’t put together if you were doing it yourself and so we get these surprise tastes.

    the walnuts were fresh tasmanian ones and in exploring the web re them i have discovered other uses which should be fun to try.

    all good.

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