POM Wonderful – take one

POM Wonderful – it’s that cute curvaceous bottle of ruby red you might have seen on the supermarket chilled juice shelf recently – yep, the bottle that looks like a kind of harajuku-Betty Boop-Babushka doll – I just want to whack on some thick curly eyelashes and cupids bow lips! hhhmmmm.. I think that’s enough package fetishism for now ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, the marketing company looking after POM Wonderful in Oz/Sydney sent me an email and asked if I’d be interested in receiving some POM to try. I said yes – hello: a) I love free stuff! b) I love pomergranates! c) the bottle is so cute! (see above) d) I’ve been watching the promotional stuff POM has been doing OS (recipe comps, youtube video comps etc) and am interested in how companies are attempting to use social media to market products (although I am happy to be well, well, well out of the media-marketing game now!).

I wanted to try POM a few different ways, but first up we subject her to the Tropical Survival Treatment: fill blender with ice, add ingredient x, chuck in a whole knife peeled lime, flick switch to 3:ICE setting, blitz.

We then topped the glasses with a jeweled handful of fresh pomegranate seeds (also POM brand – get your market cornering on!). Very refreshing – I like that POM Wonderful is not too sweet.

pomergranate squared, lime, ice. hard to top
pomergranate squared, lime, ice. hard to top

Then we added vodka for the second glass.

did I say hard to top? since when has vodka NOT improved a slushie?
did I say hard to top? since when has vodka NOT improved a slushie?

Check out what other Sydney (and further afield) foodbloggers did with their bottles of POM (I wasn’t really surprised to see ice and booze featuring – how hot has it been lately?!)

Chocolate Suze

Spicy Icecream


Not Quite Nigella

Fig and Cherry

Sarah Cooks

I guess great (and hot) minds think alike, hey?

I have another POM treatment I want to try, but I am currently laid low with the flu (man I hate summer colds and flus!) so it will have to wait until I can stand up without swaying later in the week.


8 thoughts on “POM Wonderful – take one

  1. They are a great fruit for scrumping Zoe (and Tom) because many people have them in their gardens (particularly in older suburbs) and never do anything with them. Keep an eye out for a spindly little shrub with small rounded dark green leaves and some tasty little buggers hanging off the stems

  2. Tim tim, I can’t believe you endorse stealing from people in older suburbs. That’s not cool where I come from.
    I hope you present the owners with cool pomegranate slushies as retribution.

  3. ahem I do believe I said scrumping not stealing. Very different things indeed. Scrumping is simply making use of a resource that would otherwise be going to waste

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