Green & Black’s Chocolate: 70% Brownie with White Chocolate and Macadamia

A little parcel was swiftly delivered to the office last week: a gift of some Green & Black’s chocolates to have a play with. Awesome. How did they know I love free chocolate? πŸ˜‰

Some bars of goodness: Green and Black's fairtrade deliciousness!
Some bars of goodness: Green and Black's organic and fairtrade deliciousness!

Having guests to dinner on Thursday night, I did some browsing through the cookbooks… perhaps chocolate pots? not enough setting time.. nothing where chocolate would be overly disguised, this is lush organic chocolate here, people!… maybe self-saucing puddings? With a vague idea, flatemate Gen and I set off for a morning of errands, first stop, the newly opened Surry Hills Library and Community Centre (oh, how do I love thee? let me count the ways! I am unashamedly: 1. a big fan of public buildings, 2. a public servant to the core, 3. fanatical about sustainably and well designed spaces, and 4. my father’s daughter) for some free WIFI and general archi-philia. If you haven’t been yet, go, immediately. I mean, if you’re in Sydney and are into that kind of thing πŸ˜‰

Anyway, at the Library Gen found a copy of the Divine Heavenly Chocolate Recipes with a Heart by Linda Collister for Divine Chocolates, which has a whole section on Brownies, and our mind was made. Brownies would allow the Green & Black’s chocolate to shine through, and I could use both the 70% and the white chocolate in one dessert, with no fussy layering or 2 batters! AND, I could bring out my new (old?) 1940’s swift-whip – Miss C and I recently became the proud owners of a matching pair of apple green handled swift-whips circa 1940 and 1950 respectively (see this ad!), and I was itching for an opportunity to try mine out! Brownies: the solution to so many of life’s problems, as already discussed previously on the puku… what can’t brownies do?!

getting my Swift-Whip on
getting my Swift-Whip on

I checked out the Divine book and studied their recipes, but didn’t follow any – theirs varied so much in ratios of chocolate bar to eggs to flour etc I felt pretty confidant making my own way.

Green & Black’s 70% Brownie with White Chocolate and Macadamia

Melt a 100g bar of Green and Black’s 70% chocolate and set aside. cream 125g softened butter with 250g sugar (sure, use castor if you’re into it), add pinch of salt, dash of vanilla essence and 3 eggs, then the chocolate, and whip swiftly (if you have the right tool, that is).

Fold through 100g plain flour, a cup of macadamia pieces (raw, unsalted ones – though actually salted would be interesting too… or of course, use any other nut you like) and a chunkily chopped 100g bar of Green and Black’s White Chocolate, which is deliciously flecked, creamy and fragrant, not at all like the bleached waxy blocks you normally see. TRY not to eat too much of the batter, try to stop everyone else (Karin!) eating too much of the batter. It is a really delicious batter!

Blob into a shallow baking tray (I used my previously mentioned 31Γ—25cm trusty Willow lamington tray) and vaguely spread it out evenly. Bake @ 180 degrees C for 20 minutes, or until nicely crusty on top, but better to undercook and have a fudgy brownie than overcook and have a dry one. Err on the side of fudgy, people!

Serve to guests warm, with cream – swiftly whipped with a generous zesting of lemon and a tiny touch of icing sugar – and then give up, because the rest will now be consumed, in ever decreasing sized squares, while standing guiltily in the open fridge door… and if you live in a house of 5, as I do, make sure to get up as early as you can to do your naturally lit photography, because it will be gone within 24 hours, guaranteed πŸ˜‰

check out those chunks of white chocolate and macadamia!
check out those chunks of white chocolate and macadamia!

Verdict: I LOVED the chocolates (nibbled the 70% and white, still have to try the milk and maya gold – anyone tried?), and loved them in the brownie.. I’d decided not to use any cocoa in the brownie batter so the chocolate at hand could shine, and I was pretty surprised just how intensely chocolately the brownies were, especially with only 1 x 100g block. Both bars were really highly fragrant on unwrapping too, and as mentioned above, the white chocolate was really completely unlike the white chocolate one is used to.. flecked through with vanilla and darkly creamy.. mmm… so delicious eating chocolate, but also performed very well in baking!

I also love the Green&Blacks fairtrade and organic -ness, and although I try to reduce the carbon footprint and all, and so would generally prefer not to be eating chocolate flown from the other side of the globe (made in the UK), I think some exceptions can be made now and then, right? We were discussing the whole food travel conundrum at a party on Saturday night, and decided that the distance limit could be flexible, depending on how much of a treat the food was and how far you would actually be willing to drive to gather it yourself – eg, pumpkins, fruit, dairy, bread, meat etc try and keep it as closely grown as possible, but for a real treat – say mangoes, truffles or spiced cider or handmade hot chocolate? yeah, you might drive 300km… especially if there was also going to be a great party πŸ˜‰ (post coming soon). Anyway, based on this taster, I think Green&Blacks might well be worth a chunk of my carbon allowance from time to time! xxx


7 thoughts on “Green & Black’s Chocolate: 70% Brownie with White Chocolate and Macadamia

  1. we have had a very pleasant experience with B&G white (straight, with a ridge top sunset camp site) and dark chocolate (Lorien’s decadent choc chip cookies)

  2. I had a tasting of green & blacks along with a broad spectrum of chocolate from supermarket cooking compound to lindt and valhrona and to be honest the green & blacks wasn’t that great in terms of texture but maybe we got a dodgy batch – will have to reserve judgement and try it again.

    love the chunks in the brownie & thanks for the review of the new surry hills community centre – i used to live around the corner and love the new building too

  3. Thanks Andre πŸ™‚ and mmm cheviche, and Saluting cousin Adriana for liberating us with cold soups! πŸ˜‰ I love her in-the-kitchen portrait as well.

    Ah Jules, I haven’t had a good blind taste test comparison of chocolates for a long time! did you post the results on the stone soup? anyway, I can definitely recommend the white as soooo much better than any white I can ever remember eating – as for darks.. we all might just have to do some multi-subject experiments πŸ˜‰

  4. excellent, another stellar kiwi invention! I love a good Ernest, too.

    I can totally understand getting obsessed with the swift whip – I have since seen more for sale, and fought the urge to purchase…. I think general purchasing of kitchen thing-gadgets is not at all a problem though.. πŸ˜‰

  5. hi, im a final year student in broadcast media, im making a documentary on nutrition at the moment and would really like to use that image of green and blacks chocolate in my documentary, would that be possible if so could you let me know who I can contact to get permission? and where you got the picture from? thanks


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