rice paper rolls (on an allergy friendly diet!)

Check out these rice paper rolls. They’re made completely free of any common allergy/irritation foodthings! seriously!

rice paper rolls
rice paper rolls

miss n is on one of those ‘let’s find out which food thing/s is making you sick’ elimination diets, under the close care and supervision of her dietitian. She’s currently in stage 1, basically meaning: she can’t eat anything. well, you know, none of the fun stuff like cheese, wheat, soy, spices, strongly colours fruit and vege (her only fruit is pear. oh humble pear, methinks miss n will never be able to look at you again once she is through this) etc etc etc. but I love a challenge, so I invited her over for dinner!

Allergy / Elimination Diet Friendly Rice Paper Rolls

saute some chopped leeks, brussel sprouts, celery, green beans, drained tinned bamboo shoots, and chopped garlic in a little sunflower oil, with a tiny sprinkle of salt, until cooked bit still crunchy.

slice and toss some iceberg lettuce, celery and green/spring onions, and here I would have added fresh mung bean sprouts, but decided mine looked a bit too unfresh to eat.

chop some salted cashews.


fill a large wide bowl/pan with recently boiled water, and keep the kettle handy to re-boil and top up the bowl. one at a time, submerse a rice paper sheet in the hot water for 5 seconds and carefully and quickly remove (with fingers if you possess asbestos hands like me, with tongs if you have 100% human appendages) and place flat on a plate. working quickly, make a little pile of the salad and sauted vege, and sprinkle with cashews, then wrap and roll:

there are a hundred ways of rolling these up (and you can buy either square or round paper) but in general: fold one long side (along filling), do a roll, fold the two sides in, roll the rest tightly. wry and work quickly, and place the rolled rolls onto a large plate as you go, try not to pile them up or pack the plate too closely or they’ll stick to each other.

stop rolling when you run out of one or another key component, or your friends insist you stop rolling because dude, you’ve made 5 million of them now, we WILL have enough to eat! that is, unless they’re eating as you roll (which is quite unsocial of them) in which case they will probably chain you to the kitchen counter to keep the supply up. you can circumvent this by not preparing, or t least not providing, the dipping sauce until you’re ready to stop rolling and get dipping and eating yourself.

Allergy-friendly dipping sauce: whisk / stir together some crushed garlic, sugar, salt, citric acid powder, water and sunflower oil, until the flavours are balanced and the sauce is dipping consistency. sorry, precise quantities are so not my strong point.

dip and eat!

dip or (to avoid loosing your roll filling when you double dip) drip and eat!
dip or (to avoid loosing your roll filling when you double dip) drip and eat!

Notes on allergy-friendlyness and ingredient choices: I worked from the list of allowable and to-be-avoided foodthings as provided to miss n by her supervising dietitian. This does not, obviously, mean that no one will be allergic/intolerant to any of the ingredients listed above, or that I’m suggesting you stop eating any other foodthings than those included. If she had been allowed to eat them, I would so have included some coriander and mint in the salad, and some ginger, sesame oil and used fresh lemon/lime juice in the dipping sauce… but I was making something for a girlfriend who is currently a bit restricted in what she’s eating, and these still rocked! If you or a friend have other or different food restrictions, just substitute substitute substitute! and if you can eat whatever the hell you want, then make these anyway, and just add whatever the hell you want! šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “rice paper rolls (on an allergy friendly diet!)

  1. I wouldn’t quite consider this for an elimination diet. Although rare, rice allergy does exist. How about going to an allergist and getting tested? Much quicker and less painful.

    Good luck with your diet. Hopefully, you can eat more things than you realize!

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