My Kitchen Rules – does yours?

in the wake of channel ten’s Masterchef “surprise hit” (I’m sure ten weren’t so surprised, since they put it in a prime spot 5 nights a week and marketed the shit out of it), Australia seems to be in the grips of cooking/food mania. well, that was according to Tracy Grimjaw and her pals/rivals in the general outrage daily tabloid journalism shows, who seemed to be going on for several weeks about people cooking at home as if it was the latest fad craze. lol. people cooking food – can you imagine that!?

Anyway, channel 7 wants a a piece of the action and is rolling up their sleeves (of course television networks have sleeves, and sure, they can roll them up) and getting their hands dirty with new reality cooking competition show My Kitchen Rules. and as with Masterchef, they’re casting for entrants/characters/personalities. are you the next Julie or Poh? huh, punk, are you? well, actually, are you and your friend? yeah.. this is competing teams of two, so channel 7 can have both Poh and Julie win! take that, ten!

the casting agents, who’ve sent me two releases now (sorry casting peeps, I’ve been a slack blogger), are being pretty tight lipped with any details or further info and their application form on the website is one of those ones where you have to fill in and submit the first section before you get to the next one so I can’t even have a sticky beak around, but what I gather for now is that My Kitchen Rules will be somehow a competition between the states – the national championships of doubles reality tv cooking, if you will – and you somehow do the cook-offs in your own home kitchen. well, presumably the more presentable kitchen of the team mates.

this being reality tv, I bloody hope they would come round and help you spruce the place up a bit anyway, maybe with some well placed kitchenaid appliances and replacing your cookbooks/spices/food from the limited storage of your kitchen with, you know, totally useful stuff like a couple of tiny empty matching coloured vases, like they do on all the patronising reno-makeover reality shows… and hey, since they ask you to supply a photo of yourself, but not of your kitchen, perhaps they will… ? 😉

anyway, does your kitchen rule? are you and/or your friend: cute / have a good sob story (um, I mean connection with the Austrayian public) / have an engaging personality / own a stupid collection of hats / can actually cook???? are you searching for your 15 mins of fame (we don’t even know what the proposed grand prize for MKR is!!) , and don’t mind filling out an application without being able to read through it before you start? here are the the terms and conditions which are otherwise located at the very end of the aforementioned application process. just in case you’d like to read them before you apply 🙂
if MKR sounds like your bag: you should go here immediately and sign up!

this puku post was proudly brought to you by this random old piece of onion I saw on the footpath on my way to work, and couldn’t resist taking a photo of.

random pretty decaying street onion. word.
random pretty decaying street onion. word.

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