Seriously Dangerous Peanutbutter Cookies: glunten-free, dairy-free, OMG!

I have previously referred to these cookies as seriously dangerous cookies, because they are seriously, badly, addictively good. OMG are they delicious. you know, if you like peanutbutter, pecans and chocolate. because that is pretty much all they are made of. awesome. if you don’t like peanutbutter, pecans and chocolate… well, don’t make them, eh.

I made these with Sweet William gluten- and dairy-free chocolate so that miss n and my pumpkin jojo could both eat them. I thought Sweet William was not too bad to nibble, and that in something like this you wouldn’t know the difference from ‘normal’ chocolate at all, so horray if you are gluten- and diary-free but missing chocolate! I’d be most interested to hear other brands and opinions on g-f and d-f chocs in the comments. Substitute other nuts or no nuts if you don’t like or don’t have any pecans.

Peanutbutter Cookies with chocolate and Pecans

combine well, in a large-ish bowl: 250g (about 1 cup, but god, don’t measure it out, just look at how many grams your jar is, and approximate – 500gm jar = dollop out half the jar) peanutbutter of your choosing (check gluten and dairy-free status if important), one large egg, a cup of sugar (brown, white, raw, whatevs), drops of vanilla essence, a teaspoon of baking soda. incorporate some roughly chopped chocolate and pecans. roll into balls, (optional: now roll in caster sugar – I didn’t in this batch but did in the afore-linked previous batch), top with a pecan, bake at about 180 degrees C, for 15 mins or so.. or until a little browned on top, but still chewy inside. These are like lava: they’ll stay molten and oozy and fall apart while hot, but stiffen on cooling, so let them cool before packing off to eat. these are also heaven fridge-cold – chewy and delicious.


2 thoughts on “Seriously Dangerous Peanutbutter Cookies: glunten-free, dairy-free, OMG!

  1. I miss your cookies. I miss your snacks on a sunday. I miss you! I do look forward to Spanish treats on your return. These cookies rock.

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