pita breads!

omg you guys! I made pita breads!

I found fresh yeast @ Norton Street Grocer, Bondi Junction. They keep it in the deli cabinets, with the cheese, FYI. They have it, even if they say they don’t. go to the cheese display and look for a big bowl filled with tiny individually wrapped blocks of yeast, they look like the lush soap samples you sometimes get when you buy lots of stuff from lush! eerrr, I mean IF. if you buy lots of stuff from lush…

So I had leftover dough from making pizza all weekend for the canadian, but only a little bit, and people were coming for dinner, and I was making a lamb and cous cous meal, and since Paula had shown me how to make pita and said it was really really easy, and they take like 4 minutes to bake, I gave it a go. You guys, pita is really really easy and they take like 4 minutes to bake.

make a basic bread dough. you know, some flour, some yeast, some water. I don’t know how much – I read a guide somewhere that suggested 15-25g fresh yeast to 500g flour, so I used about 20g with warm water and some sugar till it bubbled and did the yeast thing.. then add to flour, + more water to bready-doughy consistency, knead knead knead, rise rise rise, knead knead knead… if using fresh yeast, you will have to be patient, fresh yeast is slower than instant yeast. This made enough dough for a weekend of some 3 pizzas and then a little stack of pitas.

rolling little dough balls...

For the pitas, pre-heat oven AND a flat baking tray. nice and hot. form and roll out small circles of dough, and place them, nicely floured, on the hot tray, and into the hot oven. leave the oven light on, and peer in, watching, hopping and clapping as they rise, form a bubble pocket, brown on top and puff down again… in less than 4 minutes! repeat until your pile of pitas is sufficient. serve to captivated and enthralled dining companions to stuff, spread, dip etc to their heart’s content.

... rising ...
... rising!!!

OMG, so exciting!


seriously, so easy to make. 4 minutes. word.


4 thoughts on “pita breads!

  1. funny, as you were pita-ing, I think I was norton st (leichardt) grocer-ing… I’ll check for fresh yeast there next time I’m in town!! xox
    Lovely photos of the magic that is pita z. And magically, the four minute thing sounds pretty constant. Hmmm – you’ve given me a good idea for this weekend and my spelt stash….

  2. yay miss c! actually, the weekends did not match up, blogging lag and all, but serendipitous anyways. Did you play with spelt pita? how’d it go? you’re much more adventurous with all your grain experimentations than I am, I must come play with you and your flours collection sometime.. well, it might not be soon, but when we’re close by again! xz

  3. hi zoe! the pita breads look so yummy. i like when things come out of the oven and they’re nice and toasty. i’m salivating just thinking about it. hehehe.

    i decided to convert from blogspot to wordpress and the boyfriend advised me to so he could help me with computing stuff since i am semi-illiterate in that field. so visit me at http://happynomnomnom.wordpress.com/

    also, clark really liked your wings from the other night. what is the sauce called and whereabouts did you buy it?

    many thanks. daphne.

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