OH HOLA! + cheap takeaways from menulog

hey, so, I’m in Spain. Sorry. not blogging much… but plenty of eating being done, so some great puku updates are coming to a computer near you, soon!

In the meantime, menulog would like to cheer you, my dear starved puku readers, up by offering a sweet discount on some cosy winter home delivery, y’all (well, y’all who are in Australia, anyway). you don’t need to get out of your trashypants and ugg boots!

WTF is menulog? its a sweet online restaurant delivery guide. I actually used menulog site as a case study in an e-marketing elective I took a few years ago, I like the idea, the site works nicely and its one of those win-win sites that are monetised and promote businesses, while actually make searching for things (in this case, what you’re gonna have delivered to your house for dinner when you just can’t be assed cooking tonight) easier for the user, not harder. you can search via postcode, via cuisine, and the site gives an indication of delivery times, you can look at the menu, you can make an order for later. sweet.

Anyway, have a look around the site and see what you think.. menulog has over 20,000 restaurants listed, obviously, metro centres are better covered, so, great for Syd, Melb peeps.

So, the deal: you get $10 off your first delivery order over $20 (with participating restaurants – they’ll have a “accepts vouchers” tag on their page)

Just use this code in your online order: B8AEA6

voucher valid until 31 December 2010 (man, what a great date, hey?!)

I haven’t given it a try myself – don’t think anyone in the Sydney metro delivers to Santiago de Compostela – but I’d be keen to hear feedback from anyone in Oz if you do give it a try! and why not – hey, it’s free money, dudes!

besos mi amigos, will now get onto editing photos immediately for a mega post coming up. promise. here is a teaser.

do you know what this is?? first correct answer wins.. me making this for them, when we are next in the same place. muy bueno!

a mystery, no so mysterious, very delicious. do you know the name?

3 thoughts on “OH HOLA! + cheap takeaways from menulog

  1. Pimientos de Padrón (Fried Peppers)! Don’t you just love Google?

    I think Clark would love these more than me. I’m not really a chilli type of person but I’m willing to try. They look simple enough though.

    I’m so envious, you get to try so many different foods. I need to go somewhere exotic with different food. *drool*

  2. oh, awesome Daphne! yep, they are pimientos de padron, and they’re usually a lucky dip to get a hot one… most of them are like nice sweet green capsicum… then occasionally a hottish one. they’re fried and sprinkled with coarse salt.. incredibly delicious and pretty addictive. I don’t think the peppers will be hard to find in Sydney, so when I’m back I’ll make you guys a batch and Clarke and I can fight over the hot ones! (there are theories on telling which one is going to be hot, all unproven so far.. more testing required!). travelling is awesome, but being in largely monoculture Spain really makes me appreciate Sydney’s wide food multiculturalism.. we definitely have plenty of exotic and different in our backyard!

  3. I know we have a lot of different foods here. But I would love to travel around to different countries trying everything they have to offer. Weird and wonderful things. Things you can’t find in restaurants. I love eating the street food when I go to Asia, just have to make sure the operations look clean or I’ll be regretting it for the days following. I think I’ve been watching too much of the LifeStyle Food channel and the Travel and Living channel on Fox.

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