Camino eats: bocadillos

let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

the pre-amble: I’m in Spain, doing fieldwork. the first stage of my 6 9 months here included walking from France, 800km, across the top of Spain. The Camino Frances of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the Way of St James. It took me 7 weeks, though it can be walked in much less time, because I was thinking a lot, I was walking slowly, and I was stopping to smell the roses, including hammocks and bob marley in the garden, a 2-day medieval jousting festival, cubano jam session, and weeks of the most spontaneous and free and open walking and laughing and eating and conversation with wonderful people. It would be hard to overstate what an amazing experience it was.. and is.

So, the food. we’ll start with bocadillos – sandwiches – because these were often the start of the day. Pan, jamon, queso, huevos. Bread, ham, cheese, eggs. I ate a lot of these ingredients on the camino, add tomate and that was it, the daily staples, especially when walking through tiny tiny villages early in the morning, that may be all you can get at the bar, and the bar is the only place to get anything. Pan, queso, jamon (or chorizo, or salami) are also easy to carry, so you can make your own breakfast or lunch on the road. There were so many many bocadillos, there were endless omelette bocs and patatas tortilla bocs and all kinds of variations of pan, jamon, queso, huevos. but you don’t need to see them all I think.. here are just a couple 😉

jamon y queso bocadillo, at the bar for breakfast. this may even be on the 2nd day walking, a few km down the road from Ronscesvalles. I don't know how I even got up that morning.
I made this bocadillo with the last of the cumin gouda I'd bought in France. It had been a hard, but lovely day - so much mud caking onto our boots! but the sun was finally shining, and we'd arrived at the albergue. very happy.
skipping ahead 7 weeks of bocadillos, to a boc at the the end of the world, Finisterre. chips on your sandwich, at the beach.. priceless.

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