Camino eats – the peregrino menu

Some more pix of eating out on the camino. The peregrino menu rules supreme here, and having walked for  up to 20-25km (personally) or 45+km (completely mad people) each day, a 3 course menu + wine and bread is SO deserved!

Peregrino menus are served at many bars, restaurants and cafes along the camino, and generally range in price from 7.50 to 12 euro. Most I ate hit the 8 euro mark, and include wine (usually a bottle between each 2 pilgrims), a basket full of bread and a choice of a first, second and dessert course. Obviously, the quality, quantity and range of options varied incredibly, but all-in-all we eat well on the camino. A combination of simple food well done, lots of exercise in the elements and the resulting hunger, and camino camaraderie; I had some beautiful meals, shared with beautiful people.

These photos don’t do due justice, nor represent the whole peregrino menu experience, although you get a bit of an idea about the style of meals. Meat and potatoes rule. Green veges don’t take centre stage, if they even get a dance routine at all. I don’t have a photo of ‘spaghettis’ but that was another peregrino menu staple: just spaghetti with tomato frito.

hello carb and protein loading! sweet!

So, PILGRIM, CHOOSE YOUR MENU! (often the wise method of choosing is to look at your neighbouring tables and pick the plate you like the look of)


hearty meat and bean soup
it was prime asparagus season when I was walking (note - serving for 5 or so)
ensalada mixta .. believe me they were not all as sufficiantly fancy as this (serving for 1!)
hitting Galicia and having famous Caldo Galego in muy frio O Cebriero!


fish and chips!
hearty. carby. meaty.
chicken and chips!
lamb and ... (you get the idea) chips!


ice cream, wafers

missing from the postre gallery is Flan. admittedly I’m not a big flan fan, but I’ll update this post with a pic, as it’s a menu staple. Also, yogurt pottles and pieces of fruit. I won’t upload pix of these, I believe you know what they look like 😉

So, Pilgrim, what will you have?


2 thoughts on “Camino eats – the peregrino menu

  1. Surfed in here after reading a comment you left on my blog in 2007. You are on the camino? How fantastic. I walked it in 2004. Even now I wake up somedays and wish i was back there. Your food photos brought back fond memories.

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