Birdbowl: cauliflower salad/seed crackers/porkballs

This is a ‘bird’bowl – minus the bird, in the sense that I totally stole the name from the amazing daily-evolving mixed salady bowls created by the wonderful Little Bird Organics cafe in Auckland, NZ.

While I live just approx 2,155km away from the nearest Little Bird – there are 3 in Auckland: Kingsland, Ponsomby and Britomart (which is the new central public transport hub, not a UK supermarket which is what I think it sounds and therefore I will only pronounce with a British accent) – but most of those km are over water, so alas I have to wait until I’m in NZ to be able to pop in for a birdbowl, or any of their other delicious vegan and raw-ish treats.

However, I can live vicariously through Instagram, and I suggest you do the same, until you can visit in person.

And in the meantime, I affectionately call any bowl made of of bits and bobs and salads and seeds and things a birdbowl, even if I’m missing the little bird element.


Today’s simple 3-part birdbowl for one has:

Cauliflower/watercress/fennel salad
Make a simple dressing of olive oil, lemon, salt in the bottom of a big bowl. Thinly slice and add to the dressing a big floret of cauliflower and a big chunk of fennel bulb (mine was a big one, I used about 1/4 of the bulb). Throw in a big handful of watercress, yesterday’s version also had some thinly sliced mild onion, parsley, cucumber and avocado, all of which went well. Toss through to coat with the dressing.

Seed crackers that were too crumbly and became salad seeds sprinkle
Seed crackers are my new addiction, and so so easy, I’m making and eating them constantly. Lots of recipes around, and the ones in this bowl – as the title suggests – didn’t quite turn out right, I think a combination of not enough binding stuff and distractedly leaving them in the oven a bit too long. I will say that I added smoked almonds to this batch and they are delicious, even though half the tray is now just crumb. for the basic recipe (adjustable in many ways except overbaking!) go the Gluten-Free Vegan Girl blog here.

organic pork mince, grated fresh garlic, fresh ground pepper, quickly formed into balls and fried until lightly golden. These are leftover from yesterday’s lunch, and drizzled in unhulled tahini and a sprinkle of paprika.

Ok so realtalk, porkballs are never going to be featured in a Little Bird birdbowl, but I feel like the beauty of a birdbowl is being able to chuck together a bunch of delicious things out of the fridge, including leftovers and organised-person pre-prepared stuff, and make it into something that nourishes and fulfills your needs quickly and easily. So try my cauliflower salad, or just bring together whatever YOU have in your fridge right now into a pretty and variety-filled satisfying bowl.


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