3 Williams Brisket Narnie

Throw Back to Thursday (that’s how it works, oder?) and the truly truly truly outrageous Beef Brisket Narnie at Three Williams, Redfern.

No question, completely and totally, this 👏 is👏 delicious👏 – fluffy naan, juicy pulled brisket, assorted picked aspects and chipotle mayo. A dream that drips down your fingers and you readily and unashamedly lick them in public. There is nothing not to like in the sandwich.

In fact, there’s nothing not to like about Three Williams. The staff are friendly and present (in the Buberesque sense, they make eye contact, jokes and have twinkles in their eyes) but also in the milling around ready to bring another drink sense. This makes me feel like it’s a good place to work, that looks after and values its staff, so there’s a really good energy in the cavernous and slightly subaltern dining space (which is, by the way, filled with wood and caramel leather and polished concrete – all my favs).

Even when the dude at the table next to me asked preciously if they did any kind of drip or filter coffee (in full view of both the menu board and the coffee making area, mind) such hipster nonsense of which would usually set me rolling my eyes so hard they might get stuck, the manbunned waiter’s matter of fact “no. Just the coffee on the menu” (that’s not verbatim) gave me #faith.

My only question: why did they miss the perfect opportunity to call these ‘Naanies’? We posed this to the dude at the front counter (possibly a William?), but he just kind of shrugged and laughed.

My advice: go now.

Three Williams

613a Elizabeth Street, Redfern NSW 2016




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