Gin & Tonic

Can I objectively say that this is the best drink to drink on a steamy Friday evening? 

Yes, yes I can objectively say that it is. The perfect G&T screams refreshing, cooling, it evokes the long sundown hours that follow summer days which have been filled with sun and preferably water (but do the trick just as well for those spent padding the pavement). The G&T should be drunk post-anchor drop, and post-shower, the salt and dirt of the day scrubbed off, skin oiled and in the comfiest of loungewear, drink while lolling on sofas. It signifies the end of the labours of the day and the beginning of the relaxing evening. 

This is the most refreshing of all G&Ts; muddle half a juicy lime with a tiny sprig of fresh rosemary in the bottom of a tall glass, fill glass with ice, pour over two generous shots of your favourite gin, top with tonic water and a couple of delicate slices of cucumber. Sometimes I add a couple of pink peppercorns. Quick stir, you’re good to go.

Leave everything on the cutting board for the next round. Repeat as required.  


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