Late summer in Sydney (ok we are officially now in Autumn, but tell that to our 37degree days we’ve been having!), the markets are full of delicious toms, plump and full of sunshine.

Definitely ideal to jar some up for the winter, I just have to find the time.

Making a quick stop at Flemington Markets (aka Paddy’s Market aka Sydney Market, Homebush) yesterday I found these beauties for $1.50/kg.


What are they? These toms are often sold simply labeled ‘heirloom’, and the market stall sign just said ‘tomato’ and it was peak-Flemington rush hour so I didn’t enquire further 😂. They look like oxhearts but after a bit of tomato googling, they aren’t quite heart-shaped enough, my best guess is the brandy wine. Whatever they are, they’re absolutely packed with flavour, and have real tomatoey texture. Exquisite. This is what a tomato should be!

I’ve eaten some in a salami-cheese-tomato bocadillo, and now I’m slow roasting a tray of them on a bed of red capsicums, onions, and garlic, to become the sauce for the bag of black mussels sitting in the fridge.

And I’m planning to go back for more.




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